Champhai Police Seized Heroin

We will not allow to spoil the younger generation, come what may. In another huge blow to drugs smuggling/peddling in the State, Champhai Police conducting random checking  at the outskirt of Mualkawi village on  15.2.2022 seized Heroin, hidden in 5 (five) soap cases, weighing 62 grams, valued ₹ 2.5 lakhs at local market and ₹ 31 lakhs in international market from the illegal possession of Lalrintluangi (46) d/o Zaithuama of Zokhawthar Village.
Ni 15.5.2022 khan Champhai Police te chuan random checking neiin, Mualkawi khaw daiah heroin, sahbawn bawm 5 a thuhruk, grams 62 a rit, local market-a ₹ 2.5 lakhs leh international market-a ₹ 31 lakhs man hu chu, Lalrintluangi (46) d/o Zaithuama, Zokhawthar kut atangin an man.