Champhai Police seized Heroin at Khankawn Check Gate.

#Narcotics seized again, but #Demand reduction is also as important as #SupplyDisruption in #WarOnDrugs. In the night of 19.5.2023, #ChamphaiPolice at Chalbawia Junction Khankawn Police Check-gate recovered and seized 24 grams (2 soap cases) of heroin, from the possession of one Zonunsangzuali (32) of Kanan, Champhai, one of the passengers of one maxi cab (Sumo) plying from Champhai to Aizawl. A case u/s 21(b) ND&PS Act registered at Champhai PS for further investigation on forward/ backward linkages.

Ruihhlo man a ni leh ta. Ruihhlo lo lut dahchah tuma nasa taka kan beih lai hian, ruihhlo mamawh tihtlemna kawngah hian kan zavaia kan tanho a pawimawh tak zet a ni. Nizan (19.5.2023) khan #ChamphaiPolice, Chalbawia Junction Khankawn Police Check-gate duty te chuan heroin gram 24 (hawng 2) chu Champhai – Aizawl service maxi cab (Sumo) pakhata chuang, Zonunsangzuali (32), Kanan, Champhai nia inchhal kut atangin an man. Champhai PS-ah thubuai, 21(b) ND&PS Act hnuaiah ziahluh niin a kaihhnawih dangte chhuizui mek a ni.