Constable Reuben Chuautluanga rescued 3 Mizo girls

Constable Reuben Chuautluanga attached to West Phaileng PS, Mamit District, while on patrolling on 25th March 2022 heard cries of help from the banks of river Tuirum. He rushed to the spot and with the help of locals, rescued 3 Mizo girls who were drowning in the river. He also administered CPR to one unconscious girl, who regained consciousness as a result of his first aid. Medical doctor later opined that CPR given by Constable Reuben was instrumental in saving her life.

His bravery, alertness, outstanding devotion & dedication to duty and presence of mind is a matter of inspiration for all of us.

We are immensely proud of you, our brave comrade.

March 25, 2022 khan Constable Reuben Chuautluanga, West Phaileng PS, Mamit District-a post mek chuan Tuirum lui kama Patrolling an neih laiin tui tla mangang au thawm a hria a. Rang taka che nghalin leh midangte nen tangrualin Mizo hmeichhe pathum tui tla an chhanchhuak. Tui tla zinga pakhat hi nikhua a hriat loh avangin Reubena hian a thawk theihna tura hma la nghalin CPR te a pek hnuah a lo harh chhuak leh thei a ni. A hnua enkawltu daktawr pawhin a hlimchhawna CPR an pek hi a damchhuah chhan ber ni in a ngai a ni.

Constable Reuben-a huaisenna, inpekna leh rikrum thila a thluak fimna te hi entawntlak kan tiin Mizoram Police chuan kan chhuang tak zet a ni.