Good Stories for the month of September 2020

On 07.09.2020 at around 11:30 PM, Picketing party led by SI B.Kapthanzawn recovered 300 cases of Foreign cigarettes (peacock) Value of Rs. 3600000/- from the following vehicles: 1 Tripper (Hyva) BR. No.MZ 09-3830 driven by Jamal Uddin (30) s/o Abdul Kafur of Karimganj. 2) Tripper(Hyva) BR.No.MZ 01 S-8839 Driven by Nashrul Hoque (32) s/o Abdul Rahman of Karimganj 3) Bolero Pickup BR. NO.Mz 04A- 2587 Driven by Lalrammawia (31) S/O Thasiama Sailo (L) of Kanan Veng Champhai at the outskirt of Champhai. The said foreign Cigarettes were owned by Lalrammawia (31) s/o Thasiama Sailo of Kanan Veng Champhai. The said Foreign Cigarettes were collected from Myanmar and illegally transported into Mizoram by crossing International Border form Melbuk side. Hence, CPI PS C. No.100/20 Dt.07.09.2020 u/s 269/188/341PC r/w 5(9) of the Mizoram (containment and prevention of Covid-19) Ordinance 2020 was registered.

This morning i.e 10.09.2020 @ 2:40 AM picketing Party led by SI B. Kapthanzawna and party conducted random checking at Tlangsam Village and recovered 20 cases of Foreign Cigarettes (12 cases of Paris, 5 cases of Farstar, 2 cases of V,1 case of Golden Elephant) value of Rs. 2,50,000/- (approx) which were illegally transported fram Myanmar from one vehicle Gypsy BR. No. MZ 04-3830 driven by Michael Lalropuia (38) s/o K.Lalramhluna of Tlangsam Village. Hence, CPI-PS C/No.103/2020 Dt. 10.09.2020 U/S 269/188 IPC r/w 5(9) of the Mizoram (containment and prevention of Covid-19) Ordinance 2020 was registered.

On 10.09.2020 7:50 Am verbal information was received from Khankawn Police Check Gate duty, Champhai that they detained one Vehicle (Chevrolet Sail Car) BR. No.MZ 01-K 4062 suspected to be carrying some illegal items. In pursuance to the above information, SI Joseph Lalhnehzela and party rushed to the spot and conducted of the said vehicle. Then, they recovered 40 Soap cases containing brown powder suspected to be heroin about 488 grams value of Rs. 2,000,000/- approx in local market which were kept Inside the bayonet cover of the said vehicle driven by Chungukliana (30) s/o Rothawma(L) of Tahan, Myanmar PA Zokhawthar. Seizure of the recovered items was made by observing all legal formalities. Hence, CPI-PS C/No.104/2020 Dt. 10.09.2020 U/S 21(c)/25 ND & PS Act was registered.

On 17.09.2020 a written FIR was registered against the two persons named R.Lalhruaitluanga (36) s/o R.Lalengmawia of Vengthlang North Champhai and Lalrosanga (26) s/o Robula of North Diltlang Village who violated DC Champhai Order No. J 11012/1/2014-DC(CPI) by transporting three (3) pigs value of Rs. 66,000/-(approx) in local market by availing vehicle Bolero Pickup BR NO. MZ 04A-1406 from North Diltlang Village to Champhai town. The two accused persons R.Lalhruaitluanga (36) s/o R.Lalengmawia of Vengthlang North Champhai and Lalrosanga (26) s/o Robula of North Diltlang Village were apprehended and arrested at Champhal PS. Hence, CPI-PS C/No.105/2020 Dt 17.09.2020 U/S 188/34 IPC was registered.

On 19.9.2020 a written FiR was submitted by Obed Lalmalsawma, SDC, Champhai against Thangtheihliana (15) S/o Andrew Thangdailova of Ngaizawl village who violated DC, Champhal Order No.11012/1/2014-DC(CPI dt.6.8.2020, they recovered 6(six) Piglets value of Rs. 36,000/- (Approx) In local market by using Two Wheeler (Scooty Aprilia) B/R No. Mz- 010-3734 plying from Ngaizawl village to Champhal Town. The Juvenile in Conflict with law Thangtheihliana was apprehended and forwarded to the Principal Magistrate, JB, Champhai on 20.9.2020. Hence, CPI-PS C/No.107/2020 Dt. 19.09.2020 U/S 188 IPC was registered

On 22.09.2020 a written FIR was submitted by MS Dawngliana (31) of Veterinary Officer, AH & Veterinary office, Champhai District stating that on 22.09.2020 at 6:30 AM, while they conducted checking of Vehicles at Zote bridge, they recovered four (4) numbers of Piglets value of Rs. 24000/- (approx) belongs to Chinglunnuami(39) D/o Paukhawlang of Bethel, Champhal which were illegally transported from Myanmar to India(Mizoram and violated Champhai DC Promulgation order No. J.11012/1/2014 DC (CPI) Dt. 21.09.2020. Hence, CPI PS C.No C/No.108/2020 dt. 23.9.2020 U/s 188 IPC was registered.

On 22.09.2020 a suo moto FIR was received from VL Chama Ralte of CPI PS stating that on 22.09.2020 @ 3:35 PM while he was on duty at Champhai PS, a telephonic information was received from Chalbawia Junction, Khankawn police Check gate that they detained one Vehicle( Ashok Leyland) BR. No. MZ 04 A – 0405 driven by F.Lalchhuanawma (21) s/o F. Laltanpuia of Melbuk Village plying from Zote Village towards Aizawl. On received the above information, SI VL Chama Ralte and party rushed to the spot and Checking of the said vehicle and its occupants. They recovered 11(eleven soap cases containing brown powder suspected to be Heroin No.4 weighing 142 Grams Value of Rs. 5,50,000/- (approx) in local market. Accused Vanlalruata (20) s/o Lalthanzama of Hruaikawn Village was arrested. Hence, CPI PS C/NO 109/2020 Dt.22.09.2020 U/S 21(b) ND & PS Act was registered.