Good stories for the month of September 2021

On 08.09.2021, a written FIR was received from Lalzarzovi, Fertilizer Inspector, Champhai stating that on 08.09.2021 @1:00 p.m, they conducted random checking at the outskirt of Ruantlang and they recovered Fertilizer (Uria) 480 bags (50 kgs per bag) value of 1,44,000/- (approx.) in local market which were transported by the vehicles (LPK Truck) B/R No. (1) MZ-04-A-2560 driven by DS Tluanga (30) S/o Khuangthawnga of Kanan Veng, Champhai, (2) MZ-04-A-2430 driven by Sangpuia (24) S/o Chingzapaua of New Champhai, (3) MZ-04-A-5842 driven by Vanlalnunchhana (24) S/o Ngunchhunsanga of Vengsang. Champhai and (4) MZ-04 A-5842 driven by Chinsianmunga (27) S/o Thawmlianpaua of Bethel Veng. Champhai. All the contraband items belongs to Rochhingpuia (40) S/o Khaitumsanga of Bawngkawn, Brigade Field Veng, Aizawl who does not have any valid license or permit (allotment). Hence, CPI PS C.NO 72/21 Dt.08.09.2021u/s 7(1)(ii) of the Essential Commodities Act was registered.

On 8.09.2021 at 6:30am, Chalbawia Junction Khankawn Police Checkgate duty conducted random checking and recovered and seized 260bags of Urea (Fertilizers) carried by TATA-Ultra (1518) B/R No. Mz-09-2591 driven by Lalchhanchhuaha (30) S/o Lalremmawia of Zemabawk, Aizawl and another 200bags of Urea (fertilizers) carried by Asok Layland (1214) B/R No.Mz-01P-9587 driven by Lalrosanga (36) S/o Lalthanmawia Durtlang, Aizawl without having any valid permit. The total value of the seized article is estimated to be Rs. 189,600/- (approx.) in local market rate. The seized articles are owned by Lalrinfeli (38) d/o Tawkneihthanga of Zotlang, Champhai.. Hence, CPI PS C.NO 75/21 Dt. 18.09.2021u/s 7(1)(a)(ii) Essential Commodities Act was registered.

On 22.09.2021 at around 7:55pm, Champhai Police conducted random checking at the outskirt of Melbuk Village, they recovered and seized 9400 tabs (1.081Kgs) suspected to be Mathamphetamine value of Rs.2,632,000/- (approx.) in local market from the possession of 1) Lalhmangaiha (35) S/o Lalrinvela and 2) Lalkungthara (22) S/o Vanlalpeka both of Haimual, Myanmar. The seized items were illegally imported from Myanmar. Hence, CPI PS C/NO 76/21 Dt.22.9.2021 U/s 22(c) ND & PS Act r/w 14 Foreigner Act was registered.

On 29.09.2021 at 9:15am, Chalbawia Junction Khankawn Police Checkgate duty recovered and seized 230 bags of Fertilizers (Uria) 50kgs per bag value of Rs.138,000/- in local market at Khankawn Police Checkgate from the illegal possession of H.Lalawmpuia (49) S/o H.Zosangliana of Vengthlang, Champhai which was carried by vehicle (Hyva Truck) B/R No. Mz-01T-8852 driven by Lalrinchhunga (33) S/o Thanseia of Thuampui Aizawl. Hence, CPI PS C/No.77/2021 Dt.29.09.2021 U/s 7(1)(a)(ii) of the Essential Commodities Act was registered.

FIR was submitted by J.Lalmuanpuia of Champhai Vengthlang that on the night of 17/09/2021, some unknown person(s) had entered their shop at Vengthlang, Champhai by breaking the main door lock and stolen away different brands of cigarettes worth Rs. 39,300/- (approx.) in local market. In this connection, the real culprit(s) Lalsangzuala (41) S/o Manliana (L) of Kanan Veng, Champhai and Lalremruata (39) S/o Lalsailova of Zote Village, Champhai was detected and arrested. Hence, CPI PS C/No.78/2021 Dt.30.09.2021 U/s 457/380 IPC was registered.

On 28.09.2021 at 6:00pm, Champhai Police conducted random checking at the outskirt of Champhai Town and recovered 4(four) vehicles (407 trucks) which were transporting dry areca nuts :

  • MZ-04A-1372 driven by PC Lalrinngheta (39) S/o Kapliana of Vengthlang. Champliai (Carrying 40 bags)
  • MZ-09-1164 driven by T.Lalsangliana (45) S/o Kapchungnunga (L) of North Khawbung (Carrying 42 bags)
  • MZ-04A-1236 driven by Roluahpuia (46) S/o Saikapthianga of Electric Veng, Champhai (Carrying 40 bags)
  • MZ-04A-5669 driven by Vanlalzama (38) S/o Thankulha of Electric Veng, Champhai (carrying 40 bags).

             The total numbers of 162bags (about 12150 Kgs of Areca Nuts Total value of Rs. 4131000/-) approx. in local market. The recovered areca nuts belongs to Lalpekkima (30) S/o C.Lalrawna of Zion Veng, Champhai were seized in the presence of reliable witnesses. The seized areca nuts were suspected to be illegally transported from Myanmar to India and will be handed over to Superintendent of Custom and Preventive Force, Champhai District. Hence, the case.