Huge quantity of drugs disposed on 25.03.2022

High-Level Drugs Disposal Committee under Mizoram Police disposed of the below listed narcotic & psychotropic substances seized by Champhai Police during 2019 – 2021 by using incinerator at the Trinity Hospital, Silaimual, Melthum on 25th March, 2022.

  • Pseudoephedrine             – 238.90 kgs  (Rs. 868,46,000/-)
  • Methamphetamine          – 30.90 kgs    (Rs.93,24,30,000/-)

                             Total              – 269.80 kgs (Rs.1,01,92,76,000/-  (Hundred one crore ninety two lakhs seventy six thousand) 

The drugs disposal programme was attended by DGP Mizoram Pu Devesh Chandra Srivastva IPS, Commissioner of Excise & Narcotics, leaders of CYMA, Senior Police Officers and media persons.

Speaking on the occasion, DGP Mizoram Pu Devesh Chandra Srivastva IPS stated that prevention of drug trafficking is a top priority for Mizoram Police and he once again appealed to the general public to assist law enforcement agencies in their fight against drugs menace. Community leaders and church leaders were also urged to take all possible measures within their capacity to reduce demand of drugs in the state.

Mizoram Police have been tirelessly combating the smuggling of illicit drugs and narcotic substances. In this year alone (up to 24th March, 2022) the following quantities of drug and narcotic substance have been seized by Mizoram Police:

  • Heroin                                       –           4.748 kgs. value of Rs. 23,74,00,000/-
  • Methamphetamine              –           23.593 kgs. value of Rs. 70,77,90,000/-
  • Codeine                                    –           64300 gms. (643 bottles) value of Rs. 96,450/-

Total estimated value      –           Rs. 94,52,86,450/-

In the year 2022, a total of 39 drugs related cases has been registered and as many as 45 persons arrested so far (as on 24th March, 2022).