How do we help you

There truly is nothing like the feeling that you’ve done something to make someone else’s life just a little better. Whether it’s by helping you change a tyre on the side of the road, showing a little compassion and empathy on a traffic stop or at a crash scene, or helping you see that justice is done if you’re a victim of a crime, officers rarely forget that we took the job because we wanted to help others.

People don’t think about it often, but the truth is, police officers save lives and help others every day. Sometimes, it makes the news, like when a cop runs into a building to save a child, or when she puts himself/herself in harm’s way to protect the innocent or defenseless. But those are the lives saved that we know about.

In fact, there are countless others we will never know about, like the person who changed their driving habits because of a traffic ticket they got, the drunk driver who was taken off the road before he could crash into another vehicle or the would-be robber that changed his mind simply because he saw a patrol car drive by. Even in the smallest things we do, police officers save lives every day, and there are few feelings as satisfying as knowing that fact.

Helping People is the duty of Police Personnel. Police is just another service provider for the people like Education and Health. We mention here some rights of citizens and how to access them rightfully. We encourage citizens to contact the nearest police station for more information on rights and responsibilities and to know their Police Force better.

In Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) sec 2(c) and 2(l) offences are divided into cognizable and Non-Cognizable.

Cognizable Offence

  1. Cognizable offence means an offence for which a police officer may arrest without warrant and are generally serious in nature e.g. Murder, Rape, Kidnapping, Theft etc.
  2. Section 154 of CrPC provides that under a cognizable offence or case, the Police Officer has to register the First Information Report (FIR) and start investigation. Hence, after giving the information of such offences the victim has a right to have copy of FIR from the concerned Police Station. The victim also has a right to know the progress of investigation.

Non-Cognizable Offence

  1. Section 155 of CrPC provides that, in a non-cognizable offence or case, the police officer cannot register the FIR. In such offences Police has to give a Non-Cognizable Report to victim and victim can go to the court for an order to Police for registration of

If any Police station refuges to register FIR on Cognizable information the citizen can request the district SP to order the Police Station for the registration of FIR.

In the following emergency situation we request you to kindly go to respective police station if possible or contact to the Officer in charge of Police Station for immediate help.

  •  A crime is happening right now.
  • Someone is in immediate danger, or there is a risk of serious damage to property.
  • A suspect for a serious crime is nearby.
  • There is a traffic collision involving injury or danger to other road users.