New Police Beat Post formally inaugurated at Hnahlan village.

In our unending endeavor to serve the citizens & society in an effective and efficient manner, a new Police Beat Post was formally inaugurated on 9.9.2023 at Hnahlan village, Champhai District by Dr. ZR Thiamsanga, MLA & Vice Chairman, Health & Family Welfare Board. The new Beat Post will be manned by one head constable and five police personnel and will function and operate under the jurisdiction and administrative control of Champhai Police Station, Champhai.
Mipui rawng kan bawlna leh kan duty-te tha taka kan hlenchhuah theihna turin, Police Beat Post thar chu ni 9.9.2023 khan Champhai District-a Hnahlan khuaah bialtu MLA & Vice Chairman, Health & Family Welfare Board Dr ZR Thiamsanga’n a hawng. Head Constable hovin police constable pangaten an awm chilh dawn a, Champhai Police Station thuneihna leh enkawlna hnuaiah an thawk dawn a ni.