Our Martyr – B. Lalchunglura

Name :  C/808 B. Lalchunglura, 1-IR Bn.

Date & Place of Occurence : 2.9.2008 at Near Saipum Village

Brief of Action causing such death : On the morning of 2.9.2008, 7 (seven) personnel of pay Collection party from Saipum B.O.P. and 9 (nine) 1st IR personnels newly posted to Saipum B.O.P. left Bn. Hqrs.  Mualvum for Saipum B.O.P. by Unit vehicle MZ 01-C-6904 (M/Truck) driven by D/G-II Lalsangzuala with Handyman C/48 H. Lalremthanga.

On their way to Saipum village at about 4:00 PM. &only about 3 kms of reaching Saipum village, they were ambushed by the militants. 1st IR Bn. personnel bravely encountered the militants and saved the vehicle. But unfortunately C/808 B. Lalchunglura and 3 (three) other Police personnel died on the spot while the others survived.