Our Martyr – Lalrindika

Name :  SI Lalrindika, 1-IR Bn.

Date & Place of Occurence : 2.9.2008 at Near Saipum Village

Brief of Action causing such death : On the morning of 2.9.2008, 7 (seven) personnel of pay Collection party from Saipum B.O.P. and 9 (nine) 1st IR personnels newly posted to Saipum B.O.P. left Bn. Hqrs., Mualvum for Saipum B.O.P. by Unit vehicle MZ 01-C-6904 (M/Truck) driven by D/G-II Lalsangzuala with Handyman C/48 H. Lalremthanga.

On their way to Saipum village at about 4:00 PM. &only about 3 kms of reaching Saipum village, they were ambushed by the militants suspected to be armed insurgent group. 1st IR Bn. personnel bravely encountered the militants and saved the vehicle. But unfortunately SI Lalrindika and 3 (three) other Constables died on the spot while the others survived.