Our Martyr – R.C. Vanlalchhunga

Name :  C/726 R.C. Vanlalchhunga, 1-IR Bn.

Date & Place of Occurence : 10.2.1997 at Near Chawnpui village

Brief of Action causing such death : On the morning of 10.2.1997 SI Lallungmuana the then Post Commander of Saiphai BOP had received reliable information from civilian that some militants went into the Paddy field near Chemphai village and disturbed, burnt down jhum hut and opened fire for frightening of Paddy field workers. The Post Commander had detailed one Havildar and four Constables to conduct foot patrolling and to verify the information and to take action. When they arrived at the paddy field near Chemphai village, the militants had already left the place. Then they left the paddy field for Saiphai B.O.P.
On their way to Saiphai B.O.P. at Chepte bridge near Chawnpui village the militants ambushed and killed four Constables including C/726 R.C. Vanlalchhunga on 10.2.1997.