Our Martyr – Zoramthara Khawlhring

Name : SI Zoramthara Khawlhring, AZL-DEF

Date & Place of Occurence : 28.3.2015 at Near Zokhawthiang

Brief of Action causing such death : SI Zoramthara Khawlhring while he was posted as O/C Sakawrdai PS was running at the head of a carcade of Assembly Assurance Committee as a Pilot using Sakawrdai PS vehicle Gypsy bearing registration No.MZ-01-B-6874 on 28.3.2015 while they were approaching Zokhawthiang Village, 1/2 (half) km from Zokhawthiang village they were ambushed by armed insurgent group at about 8:00 AM. In the fateful incident, SI Zoramthara Khawlhring along with his driver and one Constable were brutally shot dead and injured other 4 (four) Police personnel and 2 (two) Civilians by the underground outfit.