Seizure of 5 lakhs tablets of Methanphetamine

A Joint Narcotics Operation conducted by Mizoram Police and Sister Agency had recovered and seized 5 lakhs tablets of Methamphetamine on 26.8.21 from one truck(CRX 1512), registration no. NL-01A E-0243 near Buichali Bridge, Sairang, AizawlDistrict. The seized contraband items are worth Rs.10 crores at the local smuggling rate and Rs. 25 crores at international smuggling rate. In this connection, the driver of the vehicle Mantu Kumar Deb (45) S/o MK Dep, Karimganj, Assam and second driver Subhas Das (33) S/o Sumesh Das, Karimganj, Assam were arrested and produced at Special Narcotics Police Station along with the seized contraband items.
In this regard, Narcotics PS Case No. 20/21, Dt.26.8.21 U/s 22(c)/29 ND&PS Act has been registered.