Seizure of Fake Indian Currency Notes

Taking further our relentless fight against all kind of illegal activities, Special Narcotics PS team (Crime Branch) in a joint operation with BSF Sector Aizawl, seized Fake Indian Currency Notes (FICN) yesterday, with face value of ₹11,35,600/- (1368 notes of ₹500, 1507 notes of ₹200 and 1502 notes of ₹100 denomination) at Dinthar, Aizawl from the posession of Lalmuankimi (48) of Mualpui Salem Veng, Aizawl. Further investigation is in progress.
We solicit continued public support to check illegal activities in our state.
Dan phalloh thil dona kawnga hmalakna kal zelah Special Narcotics PS team leh BSF Sector Aizawl tangkawp te chuan nimin khan pawisa lem, cheng ₹.11,35,600/- man hu, (₹.500 tlang – 1368, ₹.200 tlang – 1507 leh ₹.100 tlang – 1502) chu Lalmuankimi (48), Mualpui Salem Veng mi kut atangin Aizawl Dintharah an man. He thil hi chhui zui nghal mek a ni.
Hetiang dan phalloh thil dona kawnga min thawhpui turin Mizoram Police chuan mipuite a sawm tak meuh a ni.