Serchhip Police (DSB) team seized suspected Heroin

Big or small, we will not spare you for drug peddling.
Continuing our #WarOnDrugs, Serchhip Police (DSB) team seized suspected Heroin weighing 11.35grams valued ₹ 5.67 lakhs in international market, from the possesion of Liansangpuii (42) of New Serchhip and Lalneihkimi (40) of Serchhip Dinthar, at Serchhip Venglai on 30.3.2022. Further investigation is in progress.
Ruihhlo dona kawnga kan hmalakna kal zelah, nimin khan Serchhip Police (DSB) team te chuan Heroin gram 11.35, International Market-a cheng nuaih 5.67 man hu chu Liansangpuii (42), New Serchhip leh Lalneihkimi (40), Serchhip Dinthar te hnen atangin, Serchhip Venglai-ah an man.
He thil hi chhui chian chhunzawm nghal mek a ni.