Special Narcotic PS team seized 3 soap cases of heroin at Electric Veng.

On the evening of 22.3.2023, #SpecialNarcoticPS team recovered and seized 35.010 grams (3 soap cases) of heroin at Electric Veng, Aizawl near Power House, from the joint possession of Lalramhluni (36) and Zothankimi (46), both of Zokhawthar, Champhai District. FIR registered at Special Narcotics PS u/s 21(b)/29(1) ND&PS Act for further investigation. Well done, Team #SpecialNarcoticPS. #BeOurEyes&Ears #MizoramPolice4U #DrugFreeMizoram #MizoramPoliceCares
Ni 22.3.2023 tlai khan #SpecialNarcoticPS team te chuan heroin gram 35.010 (hawng 3), chu Lalramhluni (36) leh Zothankimi (46), Zokhawthar, Champhai District ve ve nia inchhal te kut atangin Electric Veng, Aizawl, Power House bulah an man. Special Narcotics PS-ah thubuai, 21(b)/29(1) ND&PS Act hnuaiah chhuizui tura ziahluh a ni.