Two men arrested for threatening to kill Mizoram CM

On 11.03.2022, an anonymous Facebook Account with profile name: “Thingtlang Pa” made a post in the Facebook Group “ZORAM POLITICS GROUP1” claiming that a new group “Ram Siamthatu Pawl” had been formed consisting of 5 educated persons with the sole purpose of eliminating persons whom they consider to be harmful and detrimental to the State. The post criticised the Chief Minister of Mizoram, Pu Zoramthanga and threatened to kill him stating that a serial killer/sniper has already been arranged and if the Chief Minister does not resign within a span of three months, he will be killed. It mentioned that there were other targets as well.  The post also challenged CID stating that since the Facebook account was a fake account operated from a foreign country, CID would not be able to locate him.

In this regard, enquiry was immediately conducted by Cyber Crime Police Station and based on suo-moto FIR submitted by the Enquiry Officer revealing commission of sedition, criminal conspiracy and criminal intimidation with threat to cause death, Cyber Crime PS Case No.42/2022 dt. 12.3.2022 u/s 120B/124A/506(b)/507 IPC was registered and duly investigated into. Based on analysis of reliable technical intelligence and thorough investigation by a joint team of Mizoram Police, one suspect named Rodinliana (37) alias Apuia Tochhawng s/o T Ngursiama (L) of Khawzawl, Hermon Veng, present address – Chanmari West Aizawl, was identified and arrested on 13.03.2022.  Two mobile phones with SIM cards were also seized from his possession. In addition to the technical evidences established against him, the accused Rodinliana, upon examination, admitted that he had in fact created the Facebook account “Thingtlang Pa” earlier this year from his mobile phone and then made the post threatening the Chief Minister and others from this account on 11.3.2022.The accused Rodinliana has previously been arrested and charge sheeted in connection with Aizawl PS Case No. 178/2018 dt.01.09.2018 u/s 506/505(2) for posting a threatening open letter to the then Chief Minister on social media.

Thorough examination of the accused Rodinliana’s social media accounts revealed that he was in frequent contact with one Facebook account with profile name “CC Azyu” with whom he conspired to arrange weapons, finances, to undergo training and to garner support of the youth in order to carry out the assassinations of the so called unwanted persons.  Further, the Facebook account “CC Azyu” has also made a threatening comment on a post relating to Er. H Lalzirliana, MLA, Mamit Constituency in the Facebook Group “ZORAM POLITICS GROUP1” stating the MLA was included in the list of persons to be killed.

The user of the Facebook account “CC Azyu” was identified as Chanchinmawia alias CCa (44 years) s/o Lalawia(L) of Lunglei, Zohnuai. Chanchinmawia was immediately arrested by Lunglei Police at Serkawn Lunglei at 11:45 pm on 13.03.2022 for his involvement in the case.

Mizoram Police will leave no stone unturned in the detection of other persons involved. We once again appeal to the public to refrain from using social media to threaten and intimidate others. Strict action will be taken against unlawful behaviour on all social media platforms.


Dt. 11.3.2022 khan Facebook group pakhat, “ZORAM POLITICS GROUP 1”-ah ‘Thingtlang Pa’ tia indahin mi thiam panga(5) intelkhawmin pawl pakhat, “Ram Siamthatu Pawl”, ram tana mi hnawksak nia an hriatte dahthatu tur pawl an din thu a post a. He post-ah hian Mizoram Chief Minister Pu Zoramthanga leh mi dang thenkhat chungchang sawiin, thla thum(3) chhunga a nihna a bansan loh chuan Chief Minster hi dahthat a nih tur thu  leh amah thattu tur tualthattu/sniper pawh inruat fel vek a nih tawh thu a sawi a. A postna account hi fake account a nih avangin leh ram dang atanga enkawl a nih avangin CID te pawhin an chhui chhuah theih loh tur thu a sawi tel bawk a ni.

He thil hi Cyber Crime Police Station chuan chhui zui nghalin dan kalha hel tura infuihpawrhna, inrikrapna leh inphiarrukna thil a nih avangin Enquiry Officer-in FIR thehlut nghalin, Cyber Crime PS Case No. 42/2022 Dt. 12.3.2022 u/s 120B/124A/506(b)507 IPC ziah luh nghal a ni.  Mizoram Police te chuan he thil hi rang taka chhui chhuakin Rodinliana(37) s/o T.Ngursiama, Apuia Tochhawng tia hriat lar, Khawzawl Hermon Veng, tuna Chanmari West, Aizawla cheng mek chu man a ni a. A mobile phone  pahnih leh SIM Card te pawh mansak nghal niin, “Thingtlang Pa” tih account hi kumin kumtira a siam ngei a nih thu leh, ni 11.3.2022 hian Chief Minister leh mi thenkhatte vauna thu hi a post ngei thu a inpuang tawh a ni.   Rodinliana hi Aizawl PS Case No. 178/2018 Dt. 1.9.2018 u/s 506/505(2)-ah kha tih laia Chief Minister ni mek vauna thu a post avangin man a lo ni tawh a ni.

Ngun taka Rodinliana social media account-te check a nih hnuin facebook account pakhat “CC Azyu” nen helna chungchang thil, ralthuam, sum leh training neih dan tur te thlengin an rel dun thin tih hriatchhuah a ni a.  Er. H.Lalzirliana, MLA, Mamit Constituency chungchang “ZORAM POLITICS GROUP1”-a post-ah MLA hi thah tur list ah a tel thu te he ‘CC Azyu’ account atang hian comment a ni bawk.

CC Azyu” inti pawh hi chhui chian nghal niin, Chanchinmawia(44) s/o Lalawia(L), CC-a tia hriat, Zohnuai, Lunglei-a mi a ni tih hriatchhuah a ni a, Lunglei Police ten ni 13.3.2022 zan dar 11:45 p.m. khan Serkawnah an man nghal a ni.

Mizoram Police chuan he thilah hian midang inhnamhnawih an awm a nih pawhin a chhui chhunzawm zel dawn a, hetianga social media kaltlanga midang phiarruk leh rikrap ching lo turin mipuite a ngen a ni.  A tha lo zawnga social media hmangte hi Mizoram Police chuan a en liam mai mai dawn lova, chhui chhuaha, dan anga hrem zel an ni ang.