Brief History, Responsibilities and Setup of Training Branch PHQ


In 1984, Training Branch was established with one Inspector of Police and a few staff to conduct Training for Police personnel. The first Training Branch i/c was Pu Vanlalzuata MPS, the then inspector of police. Due to urgent requirement and responsibilities, PHQ Training Branch was separated from Confidential Branch and started functioning separately. In the year 1988 DIG (Training) was designated to supervise training i.e. all in-service as well as training outside Mizoram, DIG (Training) was also designated and responsible to look after Police Training School. Pu C. Dothanga, IPS was appointed as the first DIG (Training) in the year 1988. Since then onwards, PHQ Training Branch was looked after by the following DIG’s:

1 Pu C. Dothanga, IPS 17.02.1988 30.10.1989
2 Pu C. Khenglawta, IPS 31.10.1989 05.04.1994
3 Pu Virendra Rai, IPS 06.04.1994 16.01.1995
4 Pu C. Khenglawta, MPS 17.01.1995 31.01.1998
5 Pu Amod K.Kanth, IPS 12.02.1998 28.04.1998
6 Pu K.C Thanga, IPS 29.04.1998 28.12.1998
7 PuJ.P Singh, IPS 08.01.1999 10.12.1999
8 Pu Deepak Mishra, IPS 19.12.1999 10.04.2000
9 PuS.K Jain, IPS 11.04.2000 07.07.2000
10 Pu K.C Thanga, IPS 29.09.2000 30.09.2001
11 PuU.N.B Rao, IPS 01.10.2001 26.04.2002
12 Pu S. Nithianandam, IPS 14.08.2002 17.07.2003
13 Pu L.S Sailo, IPS 18.07.2003 12.07.2004
14 Pu S.N Shrivastava, IPS 13.07.2004 01.11.2004
15 Pu Satyendra Garg, IPS 02.11.2004 04.05.2005
16 Pu S.N Shrivastava, IPS 05.05.2005 23.08.2005
17 Pu Sanjay Baniwal, IPS 24.08.2005 21.08.2006
18 Pu L. Hrangnawna, IPS 19.01.2007 01.10.2008
19 Pu D.P Verma, IPS 01.10.2008 16.03.2011
20 Pu V. Lalthakima, IPS 18.04.2012 11.06.2012
21 Pu Saizela, IPS 13.06.2012 31.11.2012
22 Pu C. Zorammuana, IPS 31.11.2012 11.06.2013
23 Pu Vivek Kishore, IPS 11.06.2013 31.08.2015
24 Pu C. Laldina, IPS 16.09.2015 15.11.2017
25 Pu Prem Nath, IPS 16.02.2018 16.03.2018
26 Pu Joseph Lalchhuana, IPS 03.04.2018 28.02.2019
27 Pu. M.N. Tiwari, IPS 19.03.2019 Till date



Training Branch PHQ yearly prepared Training Calendar course to be conducted by PHQ Training Branch; Districts, Battalions and Units including PTS, Thenzawl which is approved by DGP, Mizoram. Accordingly as per approved Training schedule, nomination is called for training by PHQ. Districts, Battalions, Units also conducts Refresher courses as per schedule prepared by PHQ.

Training expenditure received for training is disbursed quarterly to PHQ, Districts, Battalions and other units. Besides, In-service training, PHQ Training conducts training courses sponsored by BPR&D, NISD, Civil Aviation, Human Rights and sensitization programmes from various agencies.

This Branch Co-ordinates with BPR&D, SVP NPA, NIA, IB, CDTS, DOPT, NEPA and other institutions in organizing advance training courses. Willing personnel with approval of DGP Mizoram and based on availability of funds are sent for specialized courses.

Training Branch calls for nomination and send police personnel for training in Mizoram conducted by various Training Institutions and ATI, Mizoram regarding Accounts and Computer Courses for capacity building in such field.

Further, the training schedule of PTS, Thenzawl is proposed and conducted at PTS, Thenzawl with approval of DGP Mizoram.

At a Present Training Branch, PHQ is having small training hall with a capacity of 25 participants equipped with training chair, projector, laptop for power point presentation and sound system.



SL/No Rank Strength
1 DIG (Trg) 01
2 AIG (Trg) 01
3 Addl. SP (Trg) 01
4 Inspector 02
5 Inspector (M) 01
6 S.I (M) 01
7 Inspector (Steno) 01
9 ASI (M) 02
10 ASI (Steno) 01
11 Head Constable
12 Havildar 01
13 Naik 01
14 Constable 07
15 Driver Grd-I 02
16 Driver Grd-II
17 IV Grade 02
Total 24



With a view to have better Co-Ordination among the staff, PHQ Training Branch has setup a welfare since 2015. The main objective of the Welfare is to organize farewell, attending marriage ceremony, funeral etc. of the members and family. Each member contributes some amount every month.