The First Battalion Mizoram Armed Police (1st Bn MAP) was established on 1st August 1973. This Battalion was the only single Battalion which shouldered unending demand of various duties for 20 years long insurgency period with laudable and commendable performance. It had a substantial relief so far as responsibilities and duties are concerned by the raising of 2nd Bn. MAP on 1st Sept. 1987. Senior officers of various services such as IPS, APS, MPS and BSF officers have been assigned to look after the Battalion as Commandant.


1).   1st Bn MAP is functioning particularly under the direct supervision of the Commandant. The Commandant is assisted by two Deputy Commandants and six Assistant Commandants in respect of supervising the functioning and administration of the Unit.

           The sanction strength of the Battalion is as under:

Sl. No. Rank Sanction Strength
1 Commandant 1
2 Deputy Commandant 2
3 Asstt. Commandant 6
4 Inspector 9
5 Sub-Inspector 24
6 Havildar 120
7 Naik 75
8 Constable 545
9 Driver 45
10 IV Grade 71
11 Inspector(M) 1
12 Stenographer (SI) 1
13 Sub-Inspector(M) 6
14 Asstt. Sub-Inspector(M) 6
15 Senior Medical Officer 1
16 Medical Officer 1
17 Sister 1
18 Staff Nurse 3
19 Health Worker 2
20 Pharmacist 2
21 Lab. Technician 1
22 Microscopist 1
  TOTAL 983

































2).  The Battalion have various branches like Administration Branch, Reserve Branch, Account Branch, Police Hospital, Motor Transport Branch, Quarter Master Branch, Arms Kote etc. and each are functioning under each designated Head for the smooth and easier functioning of the administration system of the Battalion.



1).  Since the Headquarter of 1st Bn MAP is situated in the heart of Aizawl city, the unit is being handpicked primarily by the authority to maintain law and order as and when situation demanded. Besides being the senior most armed unit in the state, the authority solely lays its confidence upon the unit in respect of tackling with the anti social elements like Ultras as and when situation arises inside and in every nook and corner of the state. As such 1st Bn MAP, especially in sphere of maintaining law and order, is functioning at its utmost capability to hold high the prestige of Police Department as well as for the liberty and sovereignty of public of the state in general.

2).  The Unit is conducting a regular routine of Battalion Parades. (a) Commandant Inspection Parade on every Monday of the week, wherein the good turned out personals of the unit are awarded with deemed fitted reward. (b) Battalion Physical Training Parade is conducted on each Wednesday, and the period of the training is utilized for improvement of the physical efficiency and endurance of the unit personnel. (c) Adjutant Parade and Battalion Route Marching are held regularly at an alternate interval based on the order of the Commandant on each Friday of the week, wherein ceremonial and tactical training are conducted as far as practicable at regular interval, so as to enable the unit personnel to build up their efficiency and ability physically and mentally to enable them to confront with any kind of situation that potentially emerge.

     Besides, the Unit is conducting a regular Roll call for the Unit personnel presenting in the General Duty, in which all kinds of internal and outside duty including duty for law and order, are detailed from the end of the Administration Inspector as required, under the direction of the Adjutant and close supervision of the Commandant.

3).  Unit Samelan is held regularly at the Unit Headquartes as per the order of the Commandant. The Unit Samelan is conducted especially for the Unit personnel in case of their personal predicament as well as for the interest of the Unit. The Unit Samelan is presided by the Commandant and extended the grievance represented by the Unit personnel to the concerned Branch Head for further consideration and tackling of the case.


     This Unit is having various welfare activities mainly for the welfare of the force and their families. They are shown as under:-
1).  Dry Canteen :  This Dry Canteen is run by Mr. Hanuman Yadav as per agreement made with Commandant, 1st Bn MAP.

2). Tea Canteen:   One Havildar and 3 (three) Constables look after the Tea Canteen. Tea and snack are prepared to meet the requirement of forces and office staffs on payment.

3). Unit Dairy:  This Unit is running Unit Dairy which provides milk to Police Officers and men. As on today we are rearing 1 (one) Ox, 10 (ten) Cows and 5 (five) Calfs, total = 15. Milk Production rate is 44 (Forty Four) litres per day and sells out at the rate of RS 20/- per litre.

4). School:   English Medium School upto Class –VII standard is being run by this Unit since 1998. As on today, 13 (thirteen) teachers are employed and there are 516 students in 2007. Since, the school is managed from contribution of the Police personnel of this Unit; children of Police personnel are given concession in respect of fees.

5). Recreation: This Unit is running Football Training Academy  which is mainly for the children of the Police families, but civilians are also admitted in this academy as per availability of seat. Badminton Hall, Gymnasium and Recreation Hall with Television set are also established for the welfare of forces and families.
6). Ambulance Service: We are having two ambulance vehicles – Medium Vehicle and Light Vehicle utilized frequently to carry patients from BOP and other places and also to carry dead body from Battalion Headquarters to other places.
     It is worth mentioning that Battalion Internal Link Road has been recently constructed below Parade Ground, which became the mainline of supply and transportation for Police families.

7). Tailoring Training Centre:  This Unit is running Tailoring Training Centre. Two instructors imparted training to 20 – 30 trainees at a time. These trainees are wives of Police personnel / families of policemen. So far, 80 personnel have been successfully trained excluding the present trainees of 30 persons.

8). Mizoram Police Gas Agency:  This Unit is running Gas Agency for the welfare of Police personnel of this Unit in particular and also for all Police personnel in general. At present the Mizoram Police Gas Agency is giving 1203 connections.


1). The unit, as authorized by PHQ is having a team of Hockey and Football players.

2). Apart from this, the unit is also having a numbers of athletes and other prestigious status in their respective representations in various occasions of competition etc. and as for the team of Hockey and Football, the unit had won a numbers of remarkable victories in various renouned tournaments and championships, inside and outside the state including Bhutan King’s Cup.

3). The trophies that had held high by this unit football and hockey team are preserved in the office chamber of the Commandant and highlight the prestige and dignity of the unit as well as for the pride of the Police Department as a whole.


The Unit had shown an act of valour in times of insurgencies like the MNF and HPC(D) movements in particulars and other issues of public adverse movements etc, wherein a numbers of police personnel of this unit were awarded medals of various categories for distinctive services. This is noteworthy of being having such a dedicated and courageous officers and men in this unit, whose names ought to be depicted inevitably underneath as well, for the good information of the officers and men of the whole unit of the police departments and for the pride of this Unit as well.

Police medal for gallantry:
1.      Commandant           M.S Sandhu                15.8.1976
2.      Sub Inspector          Luaia Sailo                  16.4.1977
3.      Havilder                   Hrangdawla                  23.4.1977
4.      Naik                        H.Lalruata                    23.4.1977
5.      Naik                        Thankima                     23.4.1977
6.      L/Naik                     Tlankima                      23.4.1977
7.      L/Naik                     Sangzuala                    23.4.1977
8.      Constable                Vanlalhruaia                  23.4.1977
9.      Havilder                   Lalvuana                        14.3.1981
10.    Constable                Zairemmawia                 14.3.1981
11.    Havilder                   Rokhuma                       3.8.1982
12.    Constable               Zaluta                             3.8.1982
13.    Inspector                Luaia Sailo                     16.7.1982
14.    Constable               Rokima                          18.12.1991
15.    Havilder                  Rokunga Pautu               27.4.2002

Police Medal for Meritorious Service:
1.      Commandant           MS Sandhu                   26.1.1977
2.      Inspector                 Lalhmingliana                15.8.1979
3.      Sub Inspector          C.Lalruata                     15.8.1980
4.      Commandant           SP Dewan                     26.1.1981
5.      Dy.SP                     SP Lagu                        15.8.1981
6.      Dy. SP                    PC Lalnela                     15.8.1981
7.      Inspector                 NB Subha                      15.8.1981
8.      Havilder                   Lalhmingliana                 15.8.1981
9.      Inspector                 Pazawna                        26.1.1982
10.    Sub Inspector          Lalhnaia                          26.1.1982
11.     Havilder                  Tlanglawma                     26.1.1982
12.    Inspector                 Chalmawia                      15.8.1982
13.    Dy. SP                    Raghuraj Singh                26.1.1983
14.    Sub Inspector          Lalhluna                          26.1.1983
15.    Sub Inspector          Zatluanga                        26.1.1983
16.    Sub Inspector          Zaliantluanga                   26.1.1983
17.    Inspector                 Lalbuka Sailo                  15.8.1983
18.    Inspector                 Khawliansanga                26.1.1986
19.    Commandant           Sangzuala Sailo              15.8.1990
20.    Commandant           K.C Thanga                     26.1.1992
21.    Sub Inspector          Vanlalchhuanga                26.1.1995
22.    Havilder                   K.C Lalruma                     26.1.1995
23.    Asstt. Comdt.          H.Lalchhuanliana              15.8.1995
24.    Inspector                 Shillonga                          26.1.1998
25.    Sub Inspector          Saphmingthanga               26.1.2006
26.    Inspector                 Laldula                             15.8.2007
27.    Commandant           V.Lalthakima                    26.1.2009
28.    Admn. Inspr             Lalzuimawia                     15.8.1991


1).  1st Bn MAP ever since its establishment had kept a good relationship with the local people and NGO’s. Till date the Unit is giving its level best in assisting the local administration like the so called member of V/C (now Local Council) and NGOs in respect of maintaining a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere in the locality. On many occasions, the unit in lieise with the local Council and NGOs had apprehended a large quantity of liquor and other illicit items like ganja, drugs etc. from within the Battalion Headquarter locality, which are handed over to the concerned authority along with the vendors for further necessary action. In this regard the Unit had also extended its generosity in awarding the unit personnel who had taken part in the act of apprehending the said illegal items with deemed fitted rewards.

2). Further, especially during the auspicious occasion of festivities like celebration of Christmas and New Year Eve, the unit used to deploy a number of unit personnels for night patrolling within the locality of the Battalion Headquarters round the clock, in order to bring peaceful and tranquil atmosphere in the area during the entire period of festival.

3).  And in regard to the welfare of the Battalion, the Unit had laid down a norm to relieve the grievances of the unit personnel by conducting an Orderly Room to the concerned authority as and when requisition is made from among the unit personnel.

4). A monetary or deemed fitted reward is awarded in respect of these Unit personnel especially among the rank of constables, who are selected for best turn out for three consecutive times at Unit Magazine Guard.

5). In respect of those posted at Statics Guards within the Aizawl City, an Inspection is conducted regularly by the assigned Officers of this Unit, wherein good turned out personnel are awarded with deemed fitted rewards.

6). Internal office Inspection of various branches is conducted at regular interval by the Commandant. The staffs of the best maintained office are awarded with suitable reward in the inspection.