Mizoram Police Radio Organization (MPRO) was established immediately after the formation of Union Territory of Mizoram in 1972 under the administrative control of Mizoram Police to provide Wireless Communication in the state primarily for maintenance of law and order and prevention and detection of crimes.

One Inspector (Operator) P.C. Laldinga was posted at Aizawl as the overall in-charge of communication and was fully responsible for establishments of office, expansion of man-power, training etc under the close supervision of Superintendent of Police (PHQ) to look after 7 (seven) Wireless Stations namely Aizawl, Serchhip, Lunglei, Champhai, Tlabung, Kolasib and Saiha. Pu P.C. Laldinga started communication with all sorts of handicap. The present MPRO Headquarter land earlier belonged to PWD and Assam Rifle. Knowing the good quality of signal; he approached Government for allotment of MPRO land and later on MPRO Headquarter was set up at Khatla, Shijav Tillah located adjacent to Mizoram PHQ.

Consequent upon the murder of 3(three) top ranking Police Officials in January 1975 in Aizawl, the Govt. of Mizoram felt the need of having an officer of the rank of Superintendent of Police to head the unit and subsequently created SP (Wireless) post vide Order No. HMP 32/75/26 Dated 19th April 1975 to augment and strengthen the capabilities of this Organization in order to cater for the basic communication needs of Police and its administration. MPRO had to face all types of problems such as non-availability of wireless equipments, training of communication personnels and lack of accommodations etc etc. apart from this the prevailing insurgency in 1975, jungle mountains of Mizoram and lack of road communication facilities made communication system more difficult.

During the period of 5(five) years from 1994-1999, MPRO had handled messages of 1393 lakh of group of words and about unrecorded messages (QST) worth 600 lakh groups of words were transmitted in MPRO net for discharging Mizoram Police including other departments. This means that MPRO nets alone transmitted about 2000 lakh group of words. If the messages handled by MPRO were charged at the rate of telegram express i.e. Rs.1 per word the total work done by MPRO net alone will come to be 20 Crore during five years. The total budget allotment of MPRO during the said five years was Rs. 19.2 Crores. This budget provision includes expenditure like salary, travelling expenses, office expenses, rent, minor works, M & E, MV, maintenance, M&S, other charges etc etc. The above data clearly shows that MPRO has made a saving of Rs. 80 Lakh against the sanctioned budget if the message handled by them were  charge at the same rate of Telegram express. Data mentioned above clearly shows that MPRO wireless net handled 5% more messages every year in spite of increasing wireless user Department like P & E, PHE, PWD, Excise, Industry etc. Use of wireless nets of their own by other departments seems to be encouraging because this will prevent unnecessary increase of message to Police Wireless net which will in turn can hamper the efficiency of Police Communication system.

There were 23 (twenty three) Police Stations in the Union Territory of Mizoram. All these Police Stations were provided with HF(CW) and RT communication. Soon after Mizoram achieved its statehood in the year 1987, MPRO has also tremendously grown into its manpower having total sanction strength 763 at present to look after 87 Police Radio Stations.

It is worthwhile to mention that the MPRO is the vital link amongst the various state Government Departments in general and Police Department in particular. The organization has in fact made a remarkable achievement over the year for transmitting and receiving official messages of various Departments through MPRO wireless network at free of cost due to lack of communication in the state.

Rapid growth of technology has inevitably made the organization to update its communication system to along with modern technology. Hence a trunking system was installed in the year 1997 and scrambler sets too were procured. In addition to these, data communication through VHF by using Computers and Modems (POLNET) have already been established in Kolasib, Lunglei and Saiha connecting with Hqrs. Aizawl and thus the communication network have improved tremendously at very high speed thereby increasing police efficiency.