Champhai District was created in the year 1998 and the office of the District Superintendent of Police started to function since 22.4.1998. Mr. V.Lalthakima, IPS was the first Superintendent of Police of the District.




Superintendent   1
Addl.Superintendent    1
Dy.Superintendent   3
Inspector   3
Sub.Inspector 12
Astt.Sub.Inspector 12
Head Constable 15
Constable 80
Inspector(M)   1
Sub.Inspector(M)   4
Asst.Sub.Inspector(M)   5
Driver 15
Grade IV 15
Total 167




   The following are the branches of the District Police Establishment.

   (1) Establishment and Account Branch: 1 Inspector, 2 SI and 6 ASI of Ministerial staff look after this branch. There are also 4 IV Grade attached to different branches.

   (2) Reserve and Clothing Branch: 1 Inspector, 2 SI, 1 ASI, 1 HC and 19 constables manned the branch.

   (3) Motor Transport Branch: There are 17 staff posted to the branch which include 7 Driver Grade-I, 5 Driver Grade-II, 1 Driver Grade-III and 4 Constables.

   (4) Crime Branch: 1 SI, 1 ASI and 3 Constables are posted here. The District has a crime record for the past years.

   (5) Prosecution Branch: The posted staffs are 1 Inspector, 1 ASI, 1 HC and 3 Constables.

   (6) Office of the SDPO Champhai: The office started to function from 28th November 1977 while the whole District was still under Aizawl District. Under this sub-division the following Police Stations and Out Post are functioning:-

       (a) Champhai Police Station: As per the available record, the Police Station was opened in the year 1947 and the first Officer-in-Charge of the Police Station was S.I Hasna Mikir. There are altogether 44 villages under Champhai Police Station jurisdiction. At present the Police Station is manned by 1 Inspector, 4 SI, 3 ASI, 2 HC and 19 Constables. In addition to this and to assist the staff of the station, 1 platoon of 2nd IR Bn. under 1 SI is attached to the Police Station.

      (b) Traffic Branch: Since there are no separate sanction staff for Traffic in the District, 1 ASI, 1 HC and 3 Constables are entrusted to look after and regulate the Traffic out of the sanction strength of CHamphai Police Station. 5 Constables from 2nd IR are also attached to this branch.

       (c) Zokhawthar Police Out Post: This Police Out Post was opened on 9.11.2000 and the first Officer-in-Charge was S.I J.Chawnghmingthanga. There are 5 villages under this Out Post jurisdiction. At present this Out Post is manned by 1 SI, 2 HC and 3 Constables. One platoon of 2nd IR Bn. is also attached to the Out Post.

      (d) Zokhawthar Border Check Post: There is one Border Check Point/Immigration office at Zokhawthar right at the border line with Myanmar.

       (e) Dungtlang Check Point: Due to the vulnerability and importance of the location, one Police Check Point is set up with local arrangements since 1.10.2003.

       (f) Police Beat Cum Check Post: Police Beat Post, locally arranged started to function effective from 22nd November 2005 at Khawkawn Champhai. This post also functions as Check Post.

   (7) Office of the SDPO Khawzawl: This office was started from 12.10.1998 while the District was still under Aizawl District. Under this sub-division there are two Police Stations.

       (i) Khawzawl Police Station: Khawzawl Police Station started to function from May 1985 and the first Officer-in-Charge to be posted there was SI P.Lalzama. It has an area of 794.04 Sq. Kms. The station is presently manned by 1 SI, 1 ASI, 2 HC, 10 Constables and a platoon of 2nd IR Bn.

       (ii) Ngopa Police Station: This station was opened as an Out Post on 23.3.1974 and SI K.Daniels was the first in-charge. The crime rate is very low as compared to other Police Stations of the District. Presently, the Police Station has a strength of 1 SI, 1 ASI, 1 HC, 8 Constables, 1 IV Grade and a section of 2nd IR bn. Police Check Post is functioning at the outskirt of Ngopa from 23rd April 2007.

   (8) Recipients of Police Medals:-

       President Police Medal for Meritorious Service

  1. Inspr. Zothlamuana                 -    2003     
  2. SI J.Chawnghmingthanga     -    2003        
  3. Const. Challiana                     -    2005

      Governor Medal

   1)   SI J.Chawnghmingthanga     -    2003




World over three regions are known for narcotics production i.e. 1. Mexico and Columbia. 2. Golden Crescent and Golden Triangle.

Mizoram shares border with golden triangle and Champhai is the bordering district. Hence it shares the high risk of all the ill effects of drug supply trade including susceptibility of local population being its victim of usage owing to comparatively lower prices and easy availability.

Drugs usage by local populace represents a complex problem as after being victim of drug they invariably finance their drug consumption by becoming a part of drug trade. As per directive of worthy DGP, IGP and AIGP, Champhai police has launched a mega drive against drug menace. Its structure and significant features are:-

  1. Curtaining supply- through development of active intelligence assets and surveillance. A trained sniffer dog supply possibility is being explored, if at least training to one of our men is made available through BSF or Delhi Police both of the organizations maintain training infrastructure. Through our preliminary discussion we have received very positive response for them.
  2. Curbing Demand- by targeting, vulnerable section and vulnerable age groups.

To achieve both these set of objectives “Ruihhlodotu Champhai” mission has been started in Champhai, in association with Young Mizo Association, Mizo Zirlai Pawl and other NGOs.

Its beginning was done by a detailed of the entire crime incidents in the last two years in Champhai, it showed that places with highest incidents of burglary and thefts are also the places where highest number of cases of NDPS have been registered. Thereby showing a complex web of crime interlinked with drugs. After this a detailed field survey was carried out following facts came out.

  1. School drop outs have maximum chances of starting drugs.
  2. In most of the cases drugs were introduced by friends.
  3. In most of the cases drug abuse started with late part of teenage.

After knowing these crucial facts and having a detailed discussion with eminent persons, social activists and NGOs an intensive mission was planned, under “Ruihhlodotu Champhai” which entailed displaying through audio visual aids and lectures, in every school of the district, the harmful effects of usage of narcotic drugs, accompanied by a lecture of a reformed drug addict. All the Schools of the district will be covered in this drive.

The first stage began by launch of the program on 28/9/2016 at Government College, Champhai where students of two H. Sec Schools participated along with college students, (in total all numbered more than 400.