>4-days Training on CCTNS Data Entry for MPRO Staff held on 17th July 2018

>Khankawn Police Checkgate inaugurated on 13.7.2018

>Monthly Co-ordination Senior Police Officer Meeting held on 9.7.2018

>Awareness Programme conducted by CID Crime at Pine Mount Higher Secondary School - 04-June-2018

>Awareness Programme conducted by CID Crime at Modern English Higher Secondary School - 29th June 2018

>International Day against Drugs Abuse and Illicit Trafficking - 26th June 2018

>Top Students felicitated by SP Lawngtlai on 25th June 2018

>Day Foot Patrolling by Police Stations

>5-days Training on CCTNS Data Entry for MPRO Staff held on 18th June 2018

>Distribution of Rehabilitation Assistance to HPC(D) Cadres on 13th June 2018

>Green Mizoram Day 2018 observed on 11th June

>> 3-Days Cyber Crime Awareness Programme for Gazetted Police Officers held on 06.06.2018 – 08.06.2018

>Mizoram Police Gym inaugurated on 30.5.2018

>Felicitation of outstanding performance of Police Children in HSLC & HSSLC 2018 held on 29.5.2018

>2o Soap cases of suspected Heroin seized on 24.5.2018

>DIG(Trg) conducted de-briefing at 1st Bn.MAP Parade ground for Mizoram SAP on 20.5.2018

>DGP wishes Chief Minister of Mizoram on his 80th Birthday on 19.5.2018

>DGP visited 2nd Bn MAP Headquaters on 18.05.2018

>Crime Review and Law & Order Meeting under DIG(SR) held on 17.05.2018

>PTS Thenzawl visited by DGP on 17.5.2018

>Samsung felicitated brave Constable Lalhmingmawia of 3rd MAP on 16.5.2018

>13 kgs. of Gold Bars seized on 15.5.2018

>Rescue Operations being carried out at Berawlui Quarry Landslip

>Crime Review and Law & Order Meeting under DIG(NR) held on 10.05.2018

>Awareness Drive held at School at Kolasib on 10.05.2018

>SP Kolasib felicitated HSLC Top 10 achiever on 08.05.2018

>SP Kolasib as Chief Guest at Ceremony in School on 08.05.2018

>Champhai Police seized Gold Bars worth over Rs.3 Crore on 07.05.2018

>Funeral Service with full Police Honours held for the late Pu Ngursangliana Sailo MPS on 06.05.2018

>SP Serchhip gave cash incentive for disabled HSLC achiever on 05.05.2018

>Lunglei Police seized suspected Heroin on 03.05.2018

>Community Policing Drive on 03.05.2018 under Kolasib District

>Multi State Mock Exercise conducted on 26.04.2018

>73800 tablets of Methamphetamine seized at Vairengte on 25.04.2018

>SP Aizawl - MJA members meeting on 23.04.2018

>Interactive Session regarding POCSO with Students held at Kolasib on 23.04.2018

>DGP paid visit to Hospitals on 19.04.2018

>SP CID Crime Office visited by DGP on 19.04.2018

>SP CID SB Office visited by DGP on 19.04.2018

>Visit of MPRO Hqrs by DGP Mizoram on 18.04.2018

>Awareness Campaign on POCSO conducted at Vairengte on 18.04.2018

>DGP visited SP Aizawl Office on 17.04.2018

>Kolasib Police visited by DGP on 14.04.2018

>DGP attended launching of Centre of Excellence for Sports at 3rd MAP Complex on 13.04.2018

>Home Coming and Arms Laying of HPC(C) Cadres on 13.04.2018

>DGP made a visit to 3rd MAP Headquarters on 10.04.2018

>Meeting of DGP with Aizawl-based Senior Police Officers held on 05.04.2018

>Signing of MOS between Govt. of Mizoram and HPC(C) on 02.04.2018

>Lunglei Police seized 28gms of suspected Heroin No.4 on 02.04.2018

>West Phaileng Police seized 2060 nos of AK Ammunition on 25.03.2018

>Mizoram Police celebrated its 47th Raising Day on 22.01.2018

>Result of Constable UB (Male & Female) and AB approved by P.E.B for appointment to the post of Constable under Mizoram Police

>Champhai Police seized 101 grams of suspected Heroin No.4 on 01.11.2017

>Mizoram Police Constable (UB) leh (AB) lak tur a hriat tur te

>Champhai Police seized 165 grams of suspected Heroin No.4 on 14.10.2017

>Lunglei Police seized 20 Soap cases of suspected Heroin No.4 on 13.10.2017

>9 grams of suspected Heroin No.4 seized by Champhai Police on 10.10.2017

>12 Kg of high grade Crystal Ephedrine seized by Champhai Police on 7.10.2017

>Voluntary Blood Donation by 2nd MAP on 6.10.2017

>Capacity Building Programme on Cross Border Human Trafficking held on 5.10.2017 at Aizawl

>Serchhip Police & CID SB seized suspected Heroin No.4 on 4.10.2017 at Keitum

>Champhai Police & AR seized suspected Heroin and Meth on 4.10.2017

>A team of CID(SB) seized suspected Heroin on 2.10.2017 at Aizawl

>Awareness on Drugs, Human Trafficking and Cyber Crime conducted at Govt. JL High School, Aizawl on 29.09.2017

>Awareness on Drugs, Human Trafficking and Cyber Crime conducted at Govt. Ramhlun South High School, Aizawl on 29.09.2017

>Awareness on Drugs, Human Trafficking and Cyber Crime conducted at Tlungvel, Aizawl on 23.09.2017

>Awareness on Drugs, Human Trafficking and Cyber Crime conducted at Synod HSS, Aizawl on 22.09.2017

>Awareness on  Cyber Crime and Social Media etiquetts conducted at Pachhunga University College on 22.09.2017

>Awareness on Drugs, Human Trafficking and Cyber Crime conducted at Govt. Republic HSS on 22.09.2017

>HC(Opr) Peter Zohmangaiha won Gold at All India Shooting Championship

>Mizoram Police - Overall Champion of Inter-Departmental Sports Meet 2017

>22.19 grams of suspected Heroin No.4 seized by Bawngkawn PS on 7.9.17

>Awareness on Drugs, Human Trafficking and Cyber Crime conducted at Helen Lowry School on 6.9.17

>Awareness on Drugs, Human Trafficking and Cyber Crime conducted by CID Crime on 5.9.17

>62.42 gram (Hawng 5) of suspected Heroin No.4 seized by Spl. Narcotic PS on 3.9.17

>30 Polythene bags of Ganja seized on 01.09.2017

>Inaugural Programme of Half Yearly Crime Review Meeting on 24.8.17

>20 Hawngs of suspected Heroin No.4 seized by Serchhip Police near Thenzawl on 23.8.17

>54.62 gms of suspected Heroin No.4 seized by DSB under SP Aizawl on 23.8.17

>30 Soap boxes of suspected Heroin No.4 seized by Champhai Police on 19.8.17

>Training on "Human Rights" jointly orgazised by Mizoram Police and NHRC on 18.8.17

>Awareness Programme on Sexual Offence against Children held by Serchhip Police on 17.8.17

>Awareness Campaign on Cyber Crime held at College on 17.8.17

>Mizoram Police seized 26.19grams (2 Hawng) of suspected Heroin No.4 on 16.8.17

>Lunglei Police seized 318grams (21 Hawng) of suspected Heroin No.4 on 3.8.17

>Felicitation Programme of Aizawl Traffic Police by 46th AR on 26.7.17

>Application invited for Accommodation of Platoon of CRPF 

>Achievements of Mizoram Police for the month of June 2017 in connection with recommendations of DGsP/IGsP Conference 2016

>Healthy Living Workshop organized at 3rd Bn. MAP on 27.06.17

>34 Soap cases containing brown powder suspected to be Heroin recovered on 18.6.17

>Achievements of Mizoram Police for the month of May 2017 in connection with recommendations of DGsP/IGsP Conference 2016.

>Circular for selection of Director General of Police's Commendation with Certificate

>CM Conference with Police Officers held at GS Arya Mess, PHQ on 31.03.2017 

>Training on Archives for Records Officer held on 23.3.17

>Huge amount of suspected Heroin seized on 21.3.17 & 23.3.17

>Inauguration of 28th Road Safety Week & Zero Tolerance Week at Lunglei District

>Grant of Scholarship out of Police Memorial Fund for the academic year 2016-2017

>Achievements of SP Security during the year 2016

>66th Batch Recruited Police Passing-Out Parade conducted on 12.12.16 at PTS Thenzawl

>XVII Mizoram Police Sports Meet 2106 closed on 25.11.16

>Opening Ceremony of XVII Mizoram Police Sports Meet 2106 held on 21.11.16

>Seizure of Methamphetamine (R-7) by Aizawl District Special Branch.

>One day Free health Screening Programme for the staff of CID(Crime) on 27.10.2016.

>28 bags of BEDC and 10 cases of Myanmar Beer seized by Champhai Police on 18.10.2016

>150 pieces of Gold Biscuits seized by Champhai Police on 13.10.2016

>Awareness campaign cum screening camp on 28.10.2016.

>Police Commemoration Day observed on 21.10.2016 at Martyr's Memorial Stone.

>In-Service Training on Crowd Control & Investigation of ND&PS Act Cases.

>A good initiative taken by SP Champhai in combating drugs menace in Mizoram.

>Inviting application for accomodation of one(1) Coy. of CRPF within Aizawl City Area

>Achievement of CID(SB) w.e.f January - October 2016.

>Good Stories of Mamit DEF

>Aluminium box containing Yellow Cake suspected to be Uranium seized on 20.09.16

>> Achievements of Mizoram Police Contact Sports

>Siaha Marathon 2016 with a theme 'Anti-Drugs/Anti-Tobacco' organized on 24.09.16 by SP Siaha

>> 139.8 grams of Heroin seized by Special Narcotics PS on 16.09.2016

>> Chief Minister Conference with Mizoram Police officers held on 18.08.16

>> Siaha Police Night Patrolling Plan flagged off by DC Siaha on 12.08.16

>> Law Enforcement Technology Exhibition held on 12.08.16

>Const.Ngurlianzela bagged 2 medals in Muaythai International Event held during 12-22 March '16

>Siaha Marathon 2016 organised on 09.02.16 to spread awareness on Fire Safety

>No tolerance and special drives for traffic awareness held during Jan - June 2016

>Orientation Training of Impulse Care Info Center Software for Anti-human Trafficking Unit on 10.12.15.

>Video-Conferencing on CCTNS hosted on 09.12.15 by MHA

>HPC(D) mi 5 (panga) te luman ah cheng nuai 1 (1 lakh) theuh phal a ni.

>Awareness Campaign on Traffic & Career Prospects in Army by Champhai Police on 19-20.11.15

>In Service Training for Champhai Police Officers held on 16.10.15

>Champhai District Police Sport Meet 2015 held on 15.10.15

>Medical Check up for Champhai District Police

>Voluntary Blood Donation by Champhai Police on 01.10.15

>Huge nos of Detonator seized by Champhai Police and 10th AR on 26.9.15

>Huge amount of suspected Heroin seized by Champhai Police on 14.09.2015

>Mizoram Police - Overall Champion in the Inter-Departmental Sports Meet 2015

>Training on Special Laws Module at SP Mamit on 20 & 21.08.2015

>Training on Special Laws Module & Debate at SP Champhai on 19 & 20.08.2015

>Medals awarded to officers of Mizoram Police on Independence Day 2015

>> Training of local youths for recruitment into Army held by SP Saiha on 10.08.2015.

>> Arms seized, man arrested on 07.08.2015.

>> A new policing scheme 'TANPUITU' launched at Champhai on 31.07.15

>> Training on Police-Public Relation held at SP Mamit on 30 & 31.07.2015

>> Farewell Function for DGP, Director ACB & SP Serchhip held at Arya Mess PHQ on 29.07.2015.

>> Training on Disaster Management held at 3rd Bn. MAP on 23.07.2015

>> Mizoram Police Women Volleyball Team won Runners Up Position

>> Huge amount (886400 tablets) of suspected Psedoephedrine Seized on 10.04.2015.

>> Huge rounds of live ammunition seized by CID(SB) Champhai on 29.03.2015.

>> Arms recovered, man arrested on 19.03.2015.


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