Subject Number Date
Promotion order of Inspr.K.Mangchhuana of MPRO E/PHQ/B/44/49 17.7.2018
Promotion order of ASI(UB) E/PHQ/HC/S/PRO/44 17.7.2018
Promotion order of Head Constables(UB) E/PHQ/M/18/155 17.7.2018
Promotion order of Inspr(UB) H.Lalchhawna of Security Unit E/PHQ/B/9/05/24 17.7.2018
Promotion order of Hav(AB) Liana Singson of 1 IR Bn. E/PHQ/D/9/95 17.7.2018
Promotion order of Inspector (UB) H.Lalhmachhuana of 3 Bn.MAP E/PHQ/A/104/226 5.7.2018
Transferred and Posting of Inspectors(UB) E/PHQ/ELECTION/2018/119 27.6.2018
Transferred and Posting order of Sub.Inspectors (UB) E/PHQ/ELECTION/2018/118 27.6.2018
Promotion order of Naik(AB) Lalbiakmawia of 1st IR BN E/PHQ/A/95/141 27.6.2018
Promotion order of Nk. Rothangpuia (AB) to Havildar E/PHQ/D/9/91 21.2.2018
Cancellation of promotion order in respct of C/105 K.Lalmawia  E/PHQ/M/18/115 25.5.2018
Transfer order of Sub Inspectors (UB) E/PHQ/B/1/95/Vol-I/19 23.5.2018
Transfer order of Head Constables (UB) E/PHQ/B-5/112 18.5.2018
Promotion order of Head Constables (UB) E/PHQ/M/18/107 18.5.2018
Transfer order of Inspectors (UB) E/PHQ/B/10/100 17.5.2018
Transfer order of ASI(UB) E/PHQ/B/8/Vol-III/5 17.5.2018
Promotion order of ASI(UB) Lalthanmawia of Aizawl DEF E/PHQ/HC/S/PRO/24 16.5.2018
Promotion order of Havildars(AB) on seniority quota E/PHQ/D/9/87 15.5.2018
Promotion order of Havildars (AB) on Selection quota E/PHQ/D/9/80 18.4.2018
Promotion order of Inspectors of MPRO E/PHQ/B/44/27 18.4.2018
Promotion order of Inspr(RM) A.N.Singh of MPRO E/PHQ/B/44/302 6.4.2018
Promotion order of Inspr(AB) C.Lalkhawngaiha of 5 IR Bn. E/PHQ/A/104/223 6.4.2018
Circular regarding Transfer, Posting & Promotion E/PHQ/CIR/04/240 19.3.2018
Promotion order of Naiks(AB) to Havildars(AB) E/PHQ/D/9/317 20.3.2018
Promotion order of Naik Abraham Lalmuanzova Sailo of 3 IR Bn E/PHQ/A/95/140 15.3.2018
Promotion order of Inspr. Zoramsanga of Mamit DEF E/PHQ/B/9/05/367 13.3.2018
Promotion order of Head Constables E/PHQ/M/18/98 8.3.2018
Promotion order of ASI.Laltluanga of Lunglei DEF E/PHQ/HC/S/PRO/22 8.3.2018
Promotion order of Naik(AB) to Havidar(AB) E/PHQ/d/9/316 6.3.2018
Promotion order of Inspr.Lalramchhana Colney, MPRO E/PHQ/B/44/289 27.2.2018
Promotion order of Inspr.Lalrochhara Sailo of 5th IR Bn E/PHQ/A/104/222 27.2.2018
Transfer order of Head Constables E/PHQ/B-5/66 19.2.2018
Promotion order of Naik(AB) of 3 IR Bn E/PHQ/A/95/139 15.2.2018
Promotion order of SI(UB) Rothanglkiani of Mamit DEF E/PHQ/B/9/A/266 2.2.2018
Promotion order of Inspr.Lalsanga of PTS Thenzawl E/PHQ/B/9/05/364 1.2.2018
Promotion order of Head Constables (Seniority quota) E/PHQ/M/18/94 1.2.2018
Promotion order of Inspr. K.Lalrinpuia of CID/SB E/PHQ/B/9/05/362 19.1.2018
Promotion order of Head Constables E/PHQ/M/18/93 25.1.2018
Promotion order of Inspr. I.B.Baruah, MPRO E/PHQ/B/44/284 19.1.2018
Promotion order of Asstt.Sub-Inspector to Sub.Inspector(UB) E/PHQ/B/9/A/264 19.1.2018
Promotion order of Constable to Head Constable (UB) E/PHQ/M/18/91 19.1.2018
Promotion order of Head Constable to Asstt.Sub-Inspector(UB) E/PHQ/HC/S/PRO/21 19.1.2018
Promtion order of Naiks to Havildar (AB) (Seniority Quota) E/PHQ/D/(/302 19.1.2018
Promotion order of Inspr(AB) F.Lalrikhuma, 1 IR Bn. E/PHQ/A/104/215 5.1.2018
Office Order for Movement of the MPS Officers who were under order of transfer CB/PHQ/MPS/T&P/JR.GRD/2014/161 22.12.2017
Transfer of Jr.Grade MPS Officers A.22022/1/2012-HMP 15.12.2017
Circular regarding Prohibition of Fire Cracker & Pyrotechnic materials CB/PHQ/Fire Cracker/11/54 14.12.2017
Order for the post of DIG(HQ) CB/PHQ/PER/CLD/2013/122 28.11.2017
Promotion order of Naik(AB) E/PHQ/A/95/111 15.11.2017
Posting order of Sub Inspector (UB) E/PHQ/B/9/A/232 3.10.2017
Promotion order of SI Laldinhuala of 4 IR Bn E/PHQ/A/67/357 3.10.2017
Promotion order of Sub.Inspectors(UB) E/PHQ/B/9/A/231 18.9.2017
Promotion of Head Constable Seniority quota E/PHQ/M/18/49 12.9.2017
Promotion order of ASI(UB) Seniority quota E.PHQ/HC/S/PRO/236 7.9.2017
Promotion order of Naik(AB) in order of seniority E/PHQ/A/95/105 24.8.2017
Promotion order of Inspectors(M) E/PHQ/C/DPC-SI/2016/37 16.8.2017
Repatriate order of Inspr(UB) Robert L.Hnamte E/PHQ/B-10/44 11.8.2017
Transfer order of Inspectors(UB) E/PHQ/B-10/43 11.8.2017
Promotion order of Head Constables (Seniority quota) E/PHQ/M/18/46 10.8.2017
Promotion order of Sub-Inspector (AB) E/PHQ/A/67/339 7.8.2017
Promotion order of Sub-Inspectors (AB) E/PHQ/A/67/337 4.8.2017
Partial modification of Inspectors(UB) Transfer order E/PHQ/B-10/39 27.7.2017
Transfer order of Inspectors(UB) E/PHQ/B-10/36  25.7.2017
Promotion order of Inspectors (UB) E/PHQ/B/9/05/231 21.7.2017
Promotion order of Inspectors of MPRO E/PHQ/B/44/235 14.7.2017
Promotion order of Steno Grade-II/Inspector F.Vanlalthlani of 1 Bn MAP E/PHQ/STENO-DPC/2012/224 14.7.2017
Promotion order of SI(AB) K.Zamawia of 2nd IR Bn E/PHQ/A/67/334 14.7.2017
Promtion order of Inspr(AB).F.Lalrammawia of 1 st Bn MAP E/PHQ/A/104/213 14.7.2017
Promotion order of Naik (AB) E/PHQ/A/95/60-62 14.7.2017
Promtion order of Head Constables (UB) E/PHQ/M/18/43 14.7.2017
Promotion order of Steno Grade-III/Sub.Inspector E/PHQ/STENO-DPC/2012/249 14.7.2017
Promotion order of ASI VL.Malsawma of Traffic Branch E/PHQ/HC/S/PRO/235 14.7.2017
Promotion order of Havildar F.Lalhualhima of PTS E/PHQ/D/9/284 14.6.2017
Promotion order of Constables to Head Constables (Seniority Quota) E/PHQ/M/18/351 12.6.2017
Transfer order of Head Constables (UB) E/PHQ/B-5/260 9.6.2017
Promotion order of Constable to Head Constable (Seniority quota) E/PHQ/M/18/351 9.5.2017
Promotion order of Havilder to Sub.Inspector (AB) E/PHQ/A/67/332 4.5.2017
Promotion order of Inspr.Chhuanthanga of MPRO E/PHQ/B/219 2.5.2017
Promotion order of Inspr(AB) Kawlhmingthanga of 3 Bn MAP E/PHQ/A/104/199 1.5.2017
Transfer order of Inspr.JP Remthanga & SI Zaichhunga E/PHQ/B-10/4 27.4.2017
Promotion order of SI(UB) Zaichhunga of Aizwl DEF E/PHQ/B/9/A/198 19.4.2017
Promotion order of Inspr(UB) J.P Remthanga of Security E/PHQ/B/9/05/200 18.4.2017
Transfer order of Sub.Inspectors (UB) E/PHQ/B/1/95/Vol-I/231 11.4.2017
Promotion order of SI(AB) C.Lalhuma of 2 IR Bn E/PHQ/A/67/326 7.4.2017
Transfer order of Inspector(Steno) & SI(Steno) E/PHQ/60/111/97/320 6.4.2017
Promotion order of SI.Robert Lalhmuakliana of Lawngtlai DEF E/PHQ/B/9/196 3.4.2017
Transfer order of Driver E/PHQ/M/1/34 29.3.2017
Transfer order of Medical Staff E/PHQ/HOSP/2017/12 29.3.2017
Transfer order of IV-Grade E/PHQ/M/3/16 29.3.2017
Promotion order of SI(UB) C.Lalchhuanawma of Aizawl DEF E/PHQ/B/9/A/194 22.3.2017
Transfer order of ASI(UB) E/PHQ/B/8/Vol-III/130 27.3.2017
Promotion order of Inspr.(UB) R.Lalkhumtira of CID/SB E/PHQ/B/9/05/198 21.3.2017
Promotion order of SI(AB) H.Sangtluanga of 2nd Bn.MAP  E/PHQ/A/67/325 17.3.2017
Promotion order of SI(M) Vanlalchhuanga E/PHQ/C/DPC/2015/100 14.3.2017
Promotion order of SI(UB) CLL.Muana of Aizawl DEF E/PHQ/B/9/A/192 14.3.2017
Transfer order of Head Constables (UB) E/PHQ/M/18/349 14.3.2017
Promotion order of Inspectors(M) E/PHQ/C/DPC-SI(M)/2012/32 9.3.2017
Promotion order of Inspector(UB) Lalhingthanga of Lunglei DEF E/PHQ/B/9/05/196 9.3.2017
Appointment of Pu C.Laldina, IPS to look after the works of DIG(NR) CB/PHQ/GO/05/70  1.3.2017
Promotion order of Steno Grade-III/SI Vanlaltuanpuii of PHQ E/PHQ/STENO-DPC/2012/243 17.2.2017
Promotion order of SI(UB) Lalthlamuana Ralte of 2 IR Bn. E/PHQ/A/67/322 9.2.2017
Promotion order of Hav.J.Lalrohlua of 2 Bn.MAP E/PHQ/D/9/283 13.2.2017
Promotion orderof Inspr.(UB) K.Lalsangzuala of 3rd Bn.MAP E/PHQ/A/104/197 1.2.2017
Promotion order of Head Constables to ASI(AB) E/PHQ/HC/S/PRO/210 1.2.2017
Corrigendum of promotion order for Naik to Havildar (AB) E/PHQ/D/9/278 31.1.2017
Promotion order of SI(M) Lalnunkimi E/PHQ/C/DPC/2015/99 27.1.2017
Promotion order of Inspr(M) R.Vanlalhlimpuii of PTS E/PHQ/C/DPC-SI(M)/2012/16 27.1.2017
Promotion order of ASI(UB) E/PHQ/HC/S/PRO/207 27.1.2017
Promotion order of Head Constables (UB) E/PHQ/M/18/343 27.1.2017
Promotion order of Naik(AB) to Havildar(AB) E/PHQ/D/9/277 27.1.2017
Promotion order of Inspectors (AB) E/PHQ/A/104/196 17.1.2017
Promotion order of Havildar (AB) E/PHQ/D/9/248 17.1.2017
Promotion order of Sub-Inspector (AB) E/PHQ/A/67/317 6.1.2017
Promotion order of Head Constables (Exam Quota) E/PHQ/B/98/103 4.1.2017
Panel list of Constables for promotion to Head Constable E/PHQ/B/98/105 6.1.2017
Transferred and Posting order of Head Constables E/PHQ/B/98/103  6.1.2017
Promotion order of Naik(AB) J.Lalnuntluanga of 2 Bn.MAP E/PHQ/A/95/200 21.12.2016
Transfer and Posting order of Jr.Grade MPS Officers A.22022/2/2014-HMP 13.12.2016
Promotion order of SI(UB) F.Malsawmtluanga of Lunglei DEF E/PHQ/B/9/A/172 19.12.2016
 Transferred order of promoted Naiks E/PHQ/D/9/328 1.12.2016
Promotion order of S.I Zirthanga Pachuau of CID/SB E/PHQ/B/9/A/170 25.10.2016
Promotion order of Sub.Inspector (UB) E/PHQ/B/9/A/168 6.10.2016
Promotion order of ASI K.B.Chhetri of Aizawl DEF E/PHQ/HC/S/PRO/179 6.10.2016
Promotion order of Inspr. Thankhuma of Mamit DEF E/PHQ/B/9/05/157 5.10.2016
Promotion order of Constables(AB) to Naik(AB) E/PHQ/A/95/195 3.10.2016
Transfer order of Junior Grade MPS Officers CB/PHQ/MPS/T&P/JR.GRD/2014/135 19.9.2016
Promotion order of Head Constable to ASI(UB) E/PHQ/HC/S/PRO/176 7.9.2016
Transferred and Posting order of Head Constables (UB) E/PHQ/M/18/286 5.8.216
Transferred and Posting order of Inspector (UB) E/PHQ/B-10/300 3.8.2016
Promotion order of MPRO Personnel E/PHQ/B-44/187 29.7.2016
Promotion order of Constables (UB) to Head Constables (UB) E/PHQ/M/18/283 29.7.2016
Promotion order of ASI(UB) to Sub.Inspector (UB) E/PHQ/B/9/A/154 29.7.2016
Promotion order of Head Constables (UB) to ASI (UB) E/PHQ/HC/S/PRO/174 29.7.2016
Promotion order of Constables(AB) to Naik (AB) E/PHQ/A/95/149 28.6.2016
Promotion order of SI Hmingchhuanga of Aizawl DEF E/PHQ/B/9/A/127 7.6.2016
Promotion order of Inspector C.Zonunmawia of Aizawl DEF E/PHQ/B/9/05/126 1.6.2016
Posting order of IPS officers CB/PHQ/COR/IPS/2015/140 24.5.2016
Promotion order of ASI Lalhmingmawia of Lunglei DEF E/PHQ/HC/s/PRO/150 2.5.2016
Promotion order of MPRO Staff A.11020/06/16-SP(W).RO/15 25.4.2016
Promotion order of Inspector(UB) Vanlalsiama of Lunglei DEF E/PHQ/B/9/05/122 25.4.2016
Promotion order of SI(UB) C.Pianglawma of Lunglei DEF E/PHQ/B/9/A/126 25.4.2016
Promotion order of Hav(AB) Lalsailova Sailo of 5 IR Bn E/PHQ/D/9/43 21.4.2016
Promotion order of Sub.Inspector(AB) to Inspector(AB) E/PHQ/A/104/153 24.3.2016
Promotion order of Naiks(AB) to Havildar(AB) E/PHQ/D/9/39 24.3.2016
Office Memorandum for Grant of Child Care Leave to Women Government Employees Clarification G.12011/1/2011-F.Est/30 9.3.2016
Standing Order for apromotion of Naik to Havildar E/PHQ/D/9/20 14.3.2016
Promotion order of SI.Chanchinmawia of Lawngtlai DEF E/PHQ/B/9A/124 9.3.2016
Promotion order of ASI(M) to SI(M) E/PHQ/C/DPC/2015/86 10.3.2016
Transfer order of Pu Bruce K.Vabeirokhai A/C, 1IR Bn to SDPO Vairengte CB/PHQ/MPS/T&P/JR.GRD/2014/130 7.3.2016
Promotion order of 28 nos. of Inspector(M) E/PHQ/C/SI(M)-UPGRADE/2016/14-A 19.2.2016
Transfer order of Sub.Inspectors (UB) E.PHQ/B/1/95/Vol-I/131 19.2.2016
Promotion order of ASI(UB) E/PHQ/HC/S/PRO/143 9.2.2016
Office working hour for all offices under GOM for 2016 CB/PHQ/CIR/16/15 9.2.2016
Promotion order of S.I Saingura Sailo, Aizawl DEF E/PHQ/B/9/A/122 9.2.2016
Transferred and Posting order of ASI(UB) E/PHQ/B/8/Vol-III/50 5.2.2016
Promotion order of SI H.Lalengzama of 2 MAP E/PHQ/A/67/152 2.2.2016
Promotion order of Naiks(AB) to Havildars(AB) E/PHQ/D/9/329 1.2.2016
Promotion order of ASI F.Lallianzuala E/PHQ/HC/S/PRO/139 15.1.2016
Promotion order of Inspector Lalsawma Changsen of MPRO E/PHQ/B/44/143 15.1.2016
Promotion order of Inspector (M) E/PHQ/C/DPC-SI(M)/2012/157 15.1.2016
Promotion order of SI(M) Lalrindika of F&ES E/PHQ/C/DPC/2015/77 14.1.2016
Promotion order of Nk(AB) Vanlalnghaka or 5th IR Bn E/PHQ/A/95/77 14.1.2016
Promotion order of MPRO Staff A.11020/06/14-SP(W).RO/197 14.1.2016
Promotion order of Inspector(M) to Dy.SP(M) CB/PHQ/Min/GO/14/57 4.1.2016
Transffer order of ASI(UB) E/PHQ/HC/S/PRO/137 18.12.2015
Promotion order of Head Constable to ASI(UB) E/PHQ/HC/S/PRO/136 16.12.2015
Promotion order of Naiks(AB) to Havilder(AB) E/PHQ/D/9/327 16.12.2015
Notification for Designated Officer, First Appellate Authority etc H.12017/1/2014-P&AR(GGC) 18.11.2015
Notification for Revisional Authority H.12017/1/2014-P&AR(GGC) 1.12.2015
Promotion order of ASI & HC of MPRO E/PHQ/B-44/119 16.12.2015
Promotion order of Sub-Inspector (UB) E/PHQ/B/9/A/101 10.12.2015
Transferred and Posting order of Inspectors (UB) E/PHQ/B/9/05/227 2.12.2015
Promotion order of Inspr.U.P Singh, MPRO E/PHQ/B/44/99 27.11.2015
Prohibition order for bursting of Fire Cracker etc. during Festival CB/PHQ/Fire Crackers/11/19 18.11.2015
MPSOA Guest House sakna tur a staff tin te sum thawh zat tur CB/PHQ/DGP/CIR/04/278 16.11.2015
Notification for 26th  November 2015 as Public Holiday CB/PHQ/CIR/13/370 16.11.2015
Promotion order of Inspector(M) to Dy.SP(M) CB/PHQ/Min/GO/14/52 23.10.2015
Promotion order of Sub-Inspector(RM) to Inspector of Wireless E/PHQ/B/44/93 20.10.2015
Promotion order of Sub-Inspector(UB) to Inspector E/PHQ/B/9/05/95 20.10.2015
Transfer and Posting order of IPS officers CB/PHQ/MPS/T&P/MPR-IPS/2015/100 16.10.2015
Office working hours for all offices under GOM CB/PHQ/CIR/13/359 16.10.2015
Promotion order of Dy.Director, FSL A.12034/1/2014-HMP 8.10.2015
Promotion order of Jt.Director, FSL A.12034/1/2014-HMP 8.10.2015
27th December 2016 declared as Restricted Holiday CB/PHQ/CIR/13/349 8.10.2015
26th December 2016 declared as Holiday CB/PHQ/CIR/13/347 6.10.2015
List of Holidays during the year 2016 CB/PHQ/CIR/13/345 6.10.2015
Department a thawk hmeichhia te Puanbih tur a ngenna CB/PHQ/CIR/13/344 6.10.2015
Recruitment of 20 nos of constable on special case city police    
Promotion of Naiks(AB) to Hav(AB) E/PHQ/D/9/296 01.10.2015
Office order for the charge of DIG(HQ) CB/PHQ/GO/05/60 22.9.2015
Appointment order of Chairman,MPSCB CB/PHQ/GS-29/02/208 16.9.2015
Promotion order of Havilder(AB) to Sub-Inspector(AB) E/PHQ/A/67/84 15.9.2015
Notification regarding Regulations of usage of Wireless equipents C.11026/1/15-SP(W).STO/13 10.9.2015
Transfer and Posting of IPS Officers CB/PHQ/MPS/T&P/MPR-IPS/2015/11 11.9.2015
Transfer and Posting of MPS Officers CB/PHQ/MPS/T&P/MPR-IPS/2015/10 11.9.2015
Promotion Order of Insp.B.Lalnghakliana to Junior Grade of MPS CB/PHQ/MPS/T&P/MPR-IPS/2015/50 11.9.2015
Promotion Order of Inspectors to Junior Grade of MPS A.320153/3/2014-HMP/100 10.9.2015
Transfer and Posting of MPS Officers A.22015/1/2012-HMP 9.9.2015
Transfer and POsting of Junior Grade of MPS Officers A.22020/1/2013-HMP 2.9.2015
Transfer and Posting of Senior Grade of MPS Officers CB/PHQ/MPS/T&P/SR.GRD/2014/51 3.9.2015
Promotion order of ABSI to Inspector(AB) of 3rd IR Bn. E/PHQ/A/104/132 2.9.2015
Promotion order of Havilder(AB) to Sub-Inspector(AB) of 2nd IR Bn. E/PHQ/A/67/83 2.9.2015
Promotion order of Constables(UB) to Head Constable (UB) E/PHQ/M/18/229 2.9.2015
Promotion order of Naiks(AB) to Havilder(AB) E/PHQ/D/9/278 2.9.2015
Transfer and posting order of Pu Vanlalliana MPS CB/PHQ/MPS/UB/2015/43 14.8.2015
Promotion order of Inspector to Dy.SP CB/PHQ/MPS/UB/2015/42 5.8.2015
Notification for the post of Director, FSL A.22012/50/2015-P&AR(CSW) 31.7.2015
Posting place of promoted ASI(UB) E/PHQ/HC/S/PRO/127 7.8.2015
Promotion of HC to ASI(UB) E/PHQ/HC/S/PRO/126 6.8.2015
Notification for the charge of DGP,Mizoram and Posting of Director, ACB, Mizoram. CB/PHQ/COR/IPS/2015/69 4.8.2015
Promotion of SI(Opr) to Inspector (Wrls) E/PHQ/B/44/73 3.8.2015
Promotion of HC(Opr) to ASI(Opr) & Const(GD) of MPRO A.11020/06/14-SP(W).COM/119 29.7.2015
Promotion of Inspector to MPS A.12024/2/2014-HMP 27.7.2015
Promotion of Zoramthanga Pautu MPS A.32020/1/2013-HMP 24.7.2015
Notification regarding Liquor CB/PHQ/MRP/LIQUOR/15/45 9.7.2015
Transferred and posted/attached/repatriated of Inspectors(UB) E/PHQ/B/9/05/64 9.7.2015
Transferred of Inspector (M) E/PHQ/T/Inspr(M)/99/179 9.7.2015
Promotion of ASI(UB) to SI(UB) E/PHQ/B/9/A/98 3.7.2015
Place of Posting Against existing Vacancy E/PHQ/B/9/A/99 8.7.2015
Transferred of ASI(UB) E/PHQ/HC/S/PRO/125 7.7.2015
Appointment order of HC(Operator) E/PHQ/C/Next of Kin/2015/22 7.7.2015
Promotion order of SI(Opr) to Inspector (Wrls) E/PHQ/B/44/42 3.7.2015
Promotion order of SI(UB) to Inspector E/PHQ/B/9/05/61 3.7.2015
Promotion order of HC to ASI E/PHQ/HC/S/PRO/124 3.7.2015
Promotion order of SI(M) to Inspector (M) E/PHQ/C/DPC-SI(M)/2012/149 3.7.2015
Promotion order of ASI(UB) to SI(UB) E/PHQ/B/9/A/98 3.7.2015
Promotion of Constable (AB) to Naik (AB) E/PHQ/A/95/46 3.7.2015
Circular for Inspection of BOPs by Gazette Officers PHQ/IGP/INSPECTION/2015/88 25.6.2015
Promotion order of Inspector(M) to Dy.SP(M) A.32014/4/1/2015-HMP 23.6.2015
Promotion order of Pu J.Lalthafamkima, MPS A.32020/1/2013-HMP/A/74 23.6.2015
Promotion order of Pu Vanlalnghenga, MPS A.32020/1/2013-HMP/A/75 23.6.2015
Transfer of Inspectors(UB) E/PHQ/B/10/173 11.6.2015
Resignation tender by SI(UB) Sajimon P E/PHQ/DEP/NIA/28 4.6.2015
Promotion of Havilder(AB) to ABSI E/PHQ/A/67/71 3.6.2015
Transfer of Battalions staffs E/PHQ/A/191/201 2.6.2015
Transfer of Inspector Wireless A.11020/04/14-SP(W).RO/21 29.5.2015
Transfer of Inspector (M) EPHQ/T/INSPR(M)/99/159 27.5.2015
Transfer of Sub.Inspector M) E/PHQ/C/SI(M)/Pt/2014/59 27.5.2015
Promotion of SI(Opr) to Inspector E/PHQ/B/44/18 15.5.2015
Promotion of SI(M) to Inspector (M) E/PHQ/C/DPC-SI(M)/2012/142 15.5.2015
Promotion of Mechanic E/PHQ/CPW/98/8 15.5.2015
Promotion of ASI(M) to SI(M) E/PHQ/C/DPC/2015/13 15.5.2015
Promotion of Naik (AB) to Havilder (AB) E/PHQ/D/9/211 15.5.2015
Promotion of Constable (AB) to Naik(AB) E/PHQ/A/95/278 15.5.2015
Promotion of Inspector (M) in order of merit E/PHQ/C/DPC-SI(M)/2012/137 8.5.2015
Transfer of IPS Officers A.22012/8/2013-PERS(B) 28.4.2015
Transfer and Posting of IPS and MPS Officers CB/PHQ/PER/LTH/09/109 17.4.2015
Transfer and Posting of MPS Officers A.22022/2/2012-HMP 23.4.2015
Appreciation CB/PHQ/B/2/ 16.4.2015
Promotion of Inspector to Dy.SP Communication A.32014/3/2002-HMP(MPRO) 1.4.20154
Promotion of SI(Opr) to Inspector E/PHQ/B/44/227 27.03.2015
Promotion of SI(Fit) to Inspector E/PHQ/B/44/228 27.03.2015
Promotion of HC & ASI to ASI & SI under MPRO A.11020/06/14-SP(W).RO/17 27.03.2015
State Incident Response System Team A.33011/40/2015-DMR 26.03.2015
Promotion to Inspector (UB) E/PHQ/B/9/05/32 23.3.2015
Promotion to Head Constable (UB) E/PHQ/M/18/184 23.3.2015
Promotion of Havildars (AB) to SI(AB) E/PHQ/A/67/67-68 20.3.2015
Awardees of Police (Antrik Suraksha Seva) Padak Medal (Cont..) CB/PHQ/PASSP-Medal/2112 17.3.2015
Creation of posts - Director & Superintendent FSL A.11013/1/2011-HM(FS) 26.2.2015
Promotion of MPRO S.I to Inspr. E/PHQ/B/44/187 19.2.2015
Promotion of MPRO C/GD, ASI & SI A.11020/06/14-SP(W).RO/27 19.2.2015
Promotion of Aizawl DEF Officer E/PHQ/B/44/51 19.2.2015
Promotion of Const. to Head Constable (UB) A.11020/06/14-SP(W).RO/27 19.2.2015
Awardees of Police (Antrik Suraksha Seva) Padak Medal CB/PHQ/PASSP-Medal/163 12.12.2014
Promotion of FSL Staff A.12011/2/2009-HMP(FS) 31.10.2014
Transfer and posting of Sh. L.T. Hrangchal, IPS A.22012/8/2013-Pers(B) 24.9.2014
Promotion from Selection Grade of MPS to Senior Administrative Grade, MPS A.32020/1/2013-HMP 15.9.2014
Transfer and posting of IPS Officers A.22012/8/2013-Pers(B)/part 12.8.2014
Promotion of Junior Grade MPS Officers to Senior Grade A.32020/1/2013-HMP/A 1.8.2014
Transfer & Posting of MPS Officers A.32020/1/2013-HMP/A 1.8.2014
Transfer of IPS Officers from Mizoram A.22012/8/2013-PERS(B) 30.7.2014
Transfer & Posting of MPS Officers Junior Grade A.22022/2/2014-HMP 18.7.2014
Website Management Team A.11029/13/12-SP(W).COM/11 30.7.2013

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