Press Release Dt.8.5.15



In the aftermath of the recent ambush by HPC(D) elements at Zokhawthiang (Kani), Mizoram on 28/03/2015 wherein three Mizoram Police personnels including O/C Sakawrdai PS were killed and six others injured, the Operational Teams of Mizoram Police have been patrolling the area of Mizoram bordering Manipur, to prevent recurrence of another incident and to apprehend the accused of this ambush who were repeatedly visiting the villages in this area of Mizoram, threatening the villagers and extorting money as per intelligence inputs. In fact, the HPC(D) UGs, responsible for the ambush, had visited the area repeatedly and threatened the Candidates of the Village Council Elections scheduled for April 30, 2015. Due to their threats, all candidates have withdrawn their nominations, as a result of which elections could not be held in the entire HPC(D) affected area of Mizoram.

According to reports, late in the night of 7th May 2015, the Operational Party which was patrolling the area of Mizoram bordering Manipur received specific information that the main persons accused in the ambush, who were wanted in FIR No.6/15 dated 29/3/2015 u/s 302/307/396/397/120(B)/326 IPC R/W 25(1A)/27(B) Arms Act of Sakawrdai PS, were hiding in Tiaulian village of Manipur, just across the border. Attempts were made to inform Manipur Police and Assam Rifles but since mobiles were not working and there was no wireless connectivity, it was not possible to inform Manipur Police, Assam Rifles or even the Police Headquarters in Mizoram. The information was very specific and the accused would have slipped away, therefore Operation Team decided to verify the information and approached Tiaulian village, early on the morning of 8th May 2015 at the break of dawn. A few persons, on seeing the approaching Police party, started running away and were asked to stop. Instead of stopping, these persons started unprovoked firing on the Police who had no option, but to fire in self defense. It is reported that one of the attackers were hit by the defensive fire of the Police party while the others managed to escape. The attacker, who was hit, succumbed to his injuries and was identified as deserter Constable Malsawmkima of Mizoram Police who had deserted along with two sophisticated weapons and ammunitions of Mizoram Police and joined the HPC(D). The deceased has also been identified as one of the main accused in the ambush of 28/03/2015.


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