The Office of the Superintendent of Police (Security) was bifurcated from the establishment of S.P. CID/SB and re-designated as Office of the Superintendent of Police (Security) on 26th September 1994 vide Govt. of Mizoram, Home Department Notification no. A.11030/3/87-HMP dated Aizawl, the 26th Sept.1994. Security Unit deals exclusively with protection of Protected Persons, visiting Dignitaries, Manning of Raj Bhawan Security, CM Office & Bungalow Security, Civil Secretariat Security, Lengpui Airport Security and Thuampui Helipad.



The internal administration, financial management, personnel management, morale and discipline, training, effective discharge of their responsibilities by all officers and staff is under the command of the Superintendent of Police.

The Additional Superintendent of Police act as the Second-in Command and assist the Superintendent of Police in the performance of duties and carry out the duties of the Superintendent of Police in his absence.

The Deputy Superintendent of Police (Hqrs) is in-charge of deployment and operational matters under the direction and control of the Superintendent of Police. He is in charge of the general and establishment branch of the unit.


II. STAFF POSITION (as on 11th August, 2017)


Sl. No.            Rank                                                 Posted Strength    

1                      Superintendent of Police                            1

2                      Addl. Superintendent. of Police                   2

3                      Dy. Superintendent of Police                       3

4                      Inspector                                                 12

5                      Sub Inspector                                          27

6                      Asstt. Sub Inspector                                  6

7                      Head Constable                                        26

8                      Havildar                                                  174

9                      Naik                                                         50

10                    Constable (UB)                                          39

11                    Constable (AB)                                          98

11                    Inspector (Ministerial)                                   2

12                    Sub Inspector (Ministerial)                            3

13                    Sub Inspector (Steno.)                                  1

14                    Asstt. Sub Inspector (Ministerial)                    3

15                    Driver                                                          32

16                    Grade IV                                                     10

                        TOTAL                                                       485



Sl.No         Rank           Name                               Contact No                          Place of Posting

1.              SP            L.R.Dingliana                           9436156963                              SP Security

2.              Addl.SP    Francis Lalnuntluanga Ralte    7005608991                             Addl.SP Security

3.              Addl.SP    Vanlalliana                               8415945335                              Addl.SP Security

4.              Dy.SP       H.Lalzawmliana                       9436198938                              Dy.SP Security

5.              Dy.SP       RS.Liantluanga                        9436158801                              Dy.SP Security

6.              Dy.SP       Ratan Kumar                           9436140061                              So to C.M(M)

7.              Dy.SP       Lalmalsawma Hnamte            9615029828                               Dy.SP.Lengpui Airport Security




1.OFFICE STAFF: The office staff are working under 9 (nine) branches viz., Reserve Branch, VIP Security Monitoring Branch, Motor Vehicle Branch, Account Branch, Clothing Branch, Equipment Branch, Armoury and Personal Branch. All these branches perform their duties and responsibilities under the guidance and supervision of higher superiors.


      (a) Reserve Branch: Reserve Branch is under the charge of Reserve officer who is of the rank of Inspector with the assistance of Sub-Inspector/Assistant Sub-Inspector and other staff, the number and rank depending on the volume of works. Reserve Branch is sole responsible for all service related matters, correspondences and other duties in respect of all the staff and deployment of forces and discipline when necessary.

   (b) VIP Monitoring Branch: The Branch is headed by Inspector with the assistance of Sub-Inspector/Assistant Sub-Inspector and other staff. It monitors the Security of the local VIPs (Protected Persons) and arrangement of Security to the visiting dignitaries.

    (c) Motor Transport Branch: Motor Transport Branch is headed by Inspector designated as Motor Transport Officer (MTO) and is assisted by Sub-Inspector/Assistant Sub-Inspector and other staff. The Branch is responsible for maintainance, repair and care of all vehicles; assigned vehicles for drivers and detailed reliever if required.

(d) Account Branch: Account Branch is headed by Head Assistant who is of the rank of Inspector (Ministerial), assisted by Sub-Inspector/Assistant Sub-Inspector (Ministerial) and other staff. They are looking after all the financial matters including salary, TA/DA, MR bills, GPF (advance & withdraw), etc.

     (e) Equipment Branch: Headed by one Inspector as in- charge of Equipment Branch, all the Security equipments for Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad, Access Control and Anti- Sabotage Squad are handled by this branch and also maintain Stock Register.

      (f)  Clothing Branch: Clothing Branch is responsible for receipt and issue of clothings, maintenance of Stock Register, proper storage of clothing. It also deals with all matters of correspondences including preparation of clothing indents and condemnation of clothing.

      (g)  Armoury: All the arms and ammunitions issued from the Central Armoury, PHQ are properly registered and look after (24x7) by the Arm Kote which is headed by Inspector as in charge and Armourer. After receiving proper Office Order from the competent authority, it issued required arms and ammunitions to detailed PSO, Pilot & Escort, etc.

      (h) Personal Branch: Personal Branch of SP Security is headed by Personal Assistant (P.A to S.P Security) who has a speciality on stenography. He/She looks after all the personal matters of S.P Security and other confidential matters of the unit.

  i) Office Ready Branch : Those who are not detailed for any assignment at a particular time stays at the Office Ready (OR) Branch which is headed by Inspector with the assistance of Havildar (Writer) and other staff. Among them, detailment of Pilot, Escort, night duty, holiday duty, replacement of PSOs and kamdari party is made depending on the requirement.


2) PERSONAL SECURITY OFFICER (PSO): A large number of Security staff are deployed as PSO to Protected Persons like Ministers, Speakers, MLAs and other Officials etc. and to the visiting dignitaries as per their security scale. The PSOs are given training and Refresher Course at regular intervals prior to their duties. 


3) RAJ BHAVAN: Security of the Hon’ble Governor of Mizoram at Raj Bhawan is done based on the Standard Operational Procedure issued with the approval of DGP Mizoram vide order: No.PHQ/AB/70/509 : Dated Aizawl, the 29th May, 2017. The SP Security shall make all the protective arrangements required for the security and safety of the Governor through I/c Raj Bhawan Security who is of the rank of Inspector. The responsibility of the Raj Bhawan Security shall be to ensure provision of ring-round security and escort personnel, isolation cordons, establishment of sterile zone and access control.


4) CHIEF MINISTER'S OFFICE (CMO) & BUNGALOW: Security of the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Mizoram is the responsibility of SP Security.  As such, Security Officer to the Chief Minister (SO to CM) is detailed by SP Security with the appoval of Police Headquarters. SO to CM is of the rank of Dy.S.P. and is also assisted by Sub-Ordinate Officers and other staff who can be detailed as PSOs, Escort and Pilot to Chief Minister when necessary. Security at Chief Minister’s Bungalow and Chief Minister’s office includes escort personnel, isolation cordons, establishment of sterile zone and access control. Sentry at the Main Gate is manned by the personnel detaild from the 1st BN. MAP.


5) SECRETARIAT DUTY: SP Security staff are deployed at various entrances of Civil Secretariat, Old Secretariat and Mizoram Legislative Assembly Secretariat for loking after all security related matters. Civil Secretariat Security has its in-charge who is of the rank of Inspector and other staff. Also, Old Secretariat and Mizoram Legislative Assembly Secretariat Security is headed by Inspector with the assistance of other security personnel. Their main duty is to prevent entry of unauthorised personnel and deadly weapons by installing Door Frame Metal Detector (DFMD), frisking by using Hand Held Metal Detector (HHMD) and also physical checking if necessary.


6)  LENGPUI AIRPORT: After the inauguration of the Lengpui Airport, the Security of the terminal building has been manned by Lengpui Airport security staff who are under the control of the Superintendent of Police, Security. As it is the only Airport manned by the State Police personnel, the Government had created separate sanctioned post for Lengpui Airport Security. One Dy.S.P. is posted at Lengpui Airport who is in- charge of Lengpui Airport security. Access Control of the Terminal Building, frisking of bonafide passengers and checking of their hand baggage by using the DFMD, HHMD, X-Ray BIS before boarding to the aircraft are the main duty of Lengpui Airport Security Staff. Apart from these, they are looking after incoming and outgoing VIPs, short term Inner Line Permit registration and Foreigner registration.


7)   THUAMPUI HELIPAD : Access Control of the Helipad and frisking of bonafide passengers and checking of their baggagees by using the HHMD and physical check before boarding to the Helicopter are the main duty of Thuampui Helipad Security Staff.


8)  BOMB DETECTION AND DISPOSAL SQUAD (BDDS): Security Unit is having Bomb Disposal & Detection Squad (BDDS) who are well trained in the detection and disposal of explosives. Bomb Disposal & Detection Squad (BDDS) performs Anti-Sabotage Checking at the places which is to be visitted by the Protected Persons or other VVIPs categorised as the Z plus category. Security Unit is  the only unit in Mizoram who has the security equipments as well as trained Officers and personnel for detection and disposal of explosives. Thus, they can also be deployed in emergency situations as and when required.



During 2016 – 2017 calendar year, One Week PSO Refresher Course was conducted 9 times by this unit.










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