1) MESSAGE CONTROL CENTER (MCC): MCC is the main control station over all Police Radio within the state. The main function of MCC is transmission and reception of messages over radio communication network for the police department as well as other departments. It is responsible for maintaining radio discipline and radio procedure observed by all stations and efficient clearance of all traffic between all stations.

2) CIPHER BRANCH : The main function of Cipher Branch in Police Wireless Network is to deal with classified message as such TOPSECRET, SECRET and Confidential nature. They encode the plain language before its transmission over wireless Net and decode Cipher message into plain language which are received from other station. The object is to introduce the cipher system in Police Wireless to safeguard the communication security, the cipher system is very important to introduce maximum communication security to classified messages.

3) COMPUTERS & SOFTWARE CELL : The main functions of Computer & Software Cell is to maintain and look after Computer and its accessories held by the Organization. Mizoram Police Website ( is being designed, developed and maintained by this cell. They are organizing Training on Computer related course to staffs of this Organization.

4) RESERVE OFFICE : Reserve Office is located at MPRO Headquarters. It is a part of the office of the Superintendent of Police(Wrls.) under the charge of Inspector known as Reserve Officer, assisted by Sub-Inspectors, Assistant Sub-Inspectors and other staff. They are responsible for all matters of correspondences and other duties in respect of the member of the force, examine petitions and applications from the staff, issue leave certificate and check leave certificate on return of staff from leave, ensure that the Service books are maintained up to date and deal with all correspondences relating to service matters, prepare pension papers of Officers and men and that the accounts of men leaving the force are adjusted, prepare all periodical returns relating to the reserve and establishment and submit them on due dates, maintain Force Register etc.

5) GENERAL & ACCOUNT BRANCH : The General branch handles all matters of Pay and allowance, TA bills, Contingency bills, loans and advances, audit objections and all correspondence connected with financial transaction. The branch is headed by an Inspector (Ministerial) assisted by Sub-Inspector (Ministerial) and Assistant Sub-Inspector (Ministerial). One reliable Sub-Inspector (Ministerial) is invariably appointed as Cashier for 3 years. All financial bills are put up through the Additional Superintendent of Police (Comn) who practically is the in-charge of General branch.

6) M.T BRANCH: The Motor Transport Branch is responsible for repair, maintenance and care of all the vehicles, MT Branch is headed by Inspector known as Motor Transport Officer(MTO) assisted by Assistant Sub-Inspector and as many literate constables as required. The mechanic, driver and helpers are under his control. MT Branch also deals with correspondence and bills and other works under this branch.

7) MAINTENANCE OF BUILDING & REPAIRS BRANCH : This Branch is headed by Inspector, assisted by Assistant Sub-Inspector of Police and numbers of staffs. The branch deals with all matters relating to construction of new building, their maintenance and repairs and also with matter connected with MPRO land like construction of retaining wall, side drain, water connection and Latrine etc. They also make different furniture for unit headquarters and various PR stations.

8) TECHNICAL STORE : Technical Store is headed by Inspector assisted by Sub-Inspector, Assistant Sub-Inspector and other staff. They deals with technical equipments like records keeping of all wireless sets and its accessories, procurement – proposal for equipments and its accessories, correspondence parts aiming to spectrum charge (renewal of license and royalty), preparation of communication plan, survey condemnation and auction of wireless sets accessories and spare parts. They are responsible for issuing and receiving of communication equipments.

 9) FITTER BRANCH : Fitter branch is headed by Inspector (Fitter) assisted by Sub-Inspector (Fitter) and other staff. Their main functions are maintaining and operating Diesel Generator which was use as secondary power supply for this unit and Police Headquarters, maintaining Secondary Battery for W.T sets and Solar Module of this Unit, repairs and electric wiring for MPRO Office building and Staff quarters within Mizoram as well as Police Headquarters and CID Complex.

10) CLOTHING BRANCH: Clothing Branch is responsible for receipt and issue of clothing, maintenance of stock register, proper storage of clothing and all matters of correspondences including preparation of clothing indents and also condemnation of clothing and other equipments. Unit Tailors are also under the control of this branch. The unit tailor stitches staff uniforms. This branch is headed by Inspector, assisted by Assistant Sub-Inspector and other staff.

11) TRAINING BRANCH : The Training Branch manned by Inspector assisted by some Instructors above the rank of Assistant Sub-Inspector is a part of this unit. Their main function is conducting Police Wireless Operator(PWO) Grade Training for 3rd Grade, 2nd Grade and 1st Grade. Besides PWO training, communication security training and Police Wireless Communication Code(PWCC) training is also conducted by them. MPRO Training Center is located at Durtlang hillock.