A team of CID SB seized 2.461 Kgs of heroin from one truck.

Huge seizure of #Narcotics again in #WarOnDrugs. Acting on specific input from a sister agency, this morning (22.05.2023) at 06:00AM, a team of CID SB intercepted one truck (Ashok Leyland) B/R No. MZ01X-2184 at Tawngtaimual, Zemabawk and recovered and seized 200 (two hundred) soap cases of heroin, weighing 2.461 Kgs, worth over ₹12 crores in international market. The seized heroin, vehicle and handyman (claimed to be 16 yrs old juvenile from Hailakandi, Assam) of the seized vehicle are being handed over to Bawngkawn PS for further investigation on forward/ backward linkages and necessary legal action under ND&PS Act.

Chawl lova ruihhlo kan donaah tam tham tak man a ni leh ta. Kan thawhpui (sister agency) te atanga thudawn bawhzuiin, tukin zing (22.05.2023) Dar 06:00AM-ah khan CID SB team te chuan lirthei truck pakhat (Ashok Leyland) B/R No. MZ01X-2184 chu Tawngtaimual, Zemabawkah lo tidingin, heroin hawng 200 (zahnih), Kg 2.461 a rit, international market-a cheng vaibelchhe 12 chuang man chu an man. Heroin man, lirthei leh handyman (Hailakandi, Assam lam mi kum tlinglo (juvenile – 16 yrs old) nia inchhal) te chu Bawngkawn PS-ah ND&PS Act hnuaia dan anga hmalak zui turin leh a kaihhnawih dangte chhuizui turin hlan nghal an ni.