4th IR Bn

I. Brief History of the Unit:    

The Govt. of India, MHA conveyed the sanction of the President for raising the India Reserve Battalion by the Govt. of Mizoram vide Letter No, 16011/20/2005-PF.IV (iv), Dt. 15.5.2007 with some conditional guidelines. Accordingly, the Govt. of Mizoram, Home Department conveyed approval of the Government for creation of the following various categories of 1066 temporary post for raising of 4th IR Battalion under police organization vide Letter No. A.12028/6/2007-HMP Dt. 5.12.2007. Subsequently, recruitment of Constables was started which was completed on 18.7.2008.  Basic training of the newly recruited Constable was completed at PTC Lungverh and Thenzawl on 22.7.2009 with the posting of other ranks right from the Commandant down to IV Grades.  The headquarters of the Battalion was first functioned at PTC Thenzawl w.e.f. it was raised and then shifted to Aizawl in the office building of Superintendent of Police, Aizawl District and is functioning there till date. Advance Hqrs of the Battalion is functioning at Luangpawl, Mamit.

II. Establishment: 4th IR Battalion is deployed over the stretch of Mamit District by establishing 13 BOPs for Law and Order duty. At the same time, static guards are deployed at 4 stations at SBI & MRBs. Some staff of the Battalion are also attached to 6 Police Stations in the district at present to strengthen and assist district police posted there.

III.  WELFARE MEASURES: Unit Welfare Committee of the Battalion was raised aiming for welfare of each and every staff wherein chairman and other executive members were elected with the selection of auxiliary members from those who is getting salary from the Unit to consider welfare in regard to the occasion of mishaps/grieves and mourns if prevail among the staff.