2nd IR Bn

I. Brief History of the Unit:

2nd IR Battalion was created on 15.1.2001, with its headquarters at Khawzawl. As the site was not developed, the unit was allowed to function temporarily at Police Headquarters Khatla, Aizawl and the bulk of the force were stationed at 3 rd MAP Battalion Complex, Mualpui, Aizawl. In the meantime construction of living quarters etc were taken up at Khawzawl, and by the beginning of 2005, construction of about 26 different building were completed.

With the approval of Police Headquarters, and the completion of 26 different building, the Battalion Headquarters was shifted to Khawzawl during the month of April 2005, and a Inaugural Funtion was organized on 28.4.2005.

The Headquarters Khawzawl is perched on a hilltop, on the Eastern side of Mizoram, along the Aizawl-Champhai road, about 157 Kms away from Aizawl at 93.10 latitude and 23.10 degree longitude in the global positioning. The town has good communication link i.e Aizawl-Champhai road passes through the town 

II. Establishment:
2nd IR Battalion is deployed over the stretch of Champhai District and other districts as well  by establishing BOPs for Law and Order duty. At the same time, static guards are deployed at at Banks. Some staff of the Battalion are also attached to Police Stations in the district at present to strengthen and assist district police posted there.