Mamit DEF


The office of the Superintendent of Police, Mamit District was established on 11.03.1998 with the elevation of Mamit Civil Sub-Division into a full-fledged district from the erstwhile undivided Aizawl District and it started functioning on 27.4.1998. Pu L.T. Hrangchal, IPS (Rtd.) was the first Superintendent of Police of the District.

The district covers an area of 3025.75 sq. kms. of land. It has got about 50 kms of International boundary with Bangladesh and about 70 kms and 45 kms Inter-state boundaries with Tripura and Assam respectively. It has as many as 70 villages within this district with a population of 85757. Out of which 44,567 are males and 41,190 are females as per 2011 census. The literacy rate is 85.96 % and sex ratio is 924/1000. The district capital Mamit is 102 kms from the State capital Aizawl. The population is a mix of Christians (84.3%) who constitute the majority followed by the Buddhist (4%) and the Muslim (1.8%). 


The office of the Superintendent of Police, Mamit functions as the headquarters for the district Police. The Superintendent of Police is the head of the Unit. He is assisted by Addl. Superintendent of Police and other subordinate officers of various ranks who are head/incharge of different branches of the office. There are six (6) branches, namely – Reserve, Crime, Establishment/Account, Motor Transport, Confidential and Prosecution respectively, each branch having its own functions. District Police Store is established at the district headquarters.

There are three Police Sub-Divisions namely- Mamit, Kawrthah and West Phaileng SubDivisions.

There are five Police Stations and one Outpost namely – Mamit, Marpara, Kanhmun, Kawrthah and West Phaileng Police Stations and Zawlnuam Outpost. 

There are ten (10) Border Outposts (BOP) manned by Mizoram Police under Mamit District Police jurisdiction. These BOPs are manned by 3rd Bn. MAP, 4th IR Bn. and 5th IR Bn. respectively. Besides, there are Police duty posts/camps at the inter-state borders which are deployed to maintain law and order at the border areas.

  • Mamit Police Station : Mamit Police Station at District headquarters, Mamit was established on 10.3.1972. 
  • Kawrthah Police Station : Kawrthah Police Station is located at 47 kms North-West to the District headquarters, Mamit. It was opened in the year 1974 on 10th March. The first Officer-in-Charge of this PS was SI Sanghnuna Royte.
  • Kanhmun Police Station: Kanhmun Police Station is located at the Mizoram-Tripura State border. It was opened in the year 1986 on 20th.February. Initially, PWD complex with the building was occupied for Police  Station. In the year 1990, Assam Type Building was constructed for police and it was occupied in the same year. In the year 2008, the said PS Assam Type Building was dismantled and a new RCC two storey building was constructed under Police Modernization Scheme which was completed in the same year and thus occupied on dt. 9.5.2009. The first Officer-in-Charge of this PS was SI KB Deka
  • Zawlnuam Out Post: Zawlnuam Out Post was opened in the year 1980 on lst January. Initially one Assam Type PWD Building was occupied for the Police Out Post which was now dismantled. In 2001, the presently occupied building as the out post building was constructed in the present new location. The first Officer-in- Charge of this Out Post was ASI PL Hmingthanga.
  • West Phaileng Police Station: West Phaileng PS is located at a distance of 43 kms south from Headquarters Mamit. West Phaileng Out Post was inducted w.e.f. 8.7.1988 with the first I/C KC Ruata (L). The Out Post was upgraded to Police Station on 1.10.1992 under the first OC SI R.F. Zuava. Initially one private building was occupied as Out Post building and later some Police quarters were constructed at Bethlehem Veng, West Phaileng. Hence, the Out Post was shifted at one of the building at Bethlehem Veng, West Phaileng. The present PS building was occupied in the first quarter of 2008 when the construction under Police Department was completed.
  • Marpara Police Station: Located at Mizoram-Bangladesh border, 120 kms away from Mamit. It was established on 26.2.1974.


Though this district is surrounded by International boundary with Bangladesh and Inter-State boundaries with Tripura and Assam. The Crime rate reported is not so high. The major crimes are theft, burglary, hurt and MLPC related cases.