Champhai DEF

I. Brief History of the Unit:

Champhai District was created in the year 1998 and the office of the District Superintendent of Police started to function since 22.4.1998. Pu V.Lalthakima MPS was the first Superintendent of Police of the District.

II. Police Establishment:

The following are branches of the District Police Establishment.

1) Establishment and Account Branch

2) Reserve and Clothing Branch  

3) Motor Transport Branch                         

4) Crime Branch

5) Prosecution Branch

6) Traffic Branch

6). SDPO Champhai:

 The office started to function since 28 November 1977 while the whole district was still under Aizawl District. Under this Sub Division the following Police Stations and Out Post are functioning :

Champhai Police Station : As per the available record the Police Station was opened in the year 1947 and the first officer-in charge of the Police Station was SI Hasna Mikir. 

Zokhawthar Police out Post :

This Police Out Post was opened on 9.11.2000 and the first officer –in charge was SI J.Chawnghmingthanga. 

Zokhawthar Border Check Post :

There is one Border Check Point / Immigration office at Zokhawthar at the border line with Myanmar.

Dungtlang Check Post :

Due to vulnerability and importance of location, one Police check point is set up with local arrangements since 1.10.2003

Police Beat cum Check Point :

Police Beat Post, locally arranged started to function effective from 22nd November 2005 at Khankawn Champhai. This Post also function as Check Post.

Khawzawl Police Station :

Khawzawl Police Station started to function since May 1985 and the first officer –in  charge was SI P.Lalzama. It has an area of 794.04 Sq.Kms.

Ngopa Police Station :

The Station was opened as an Out Post on 23.3.1974, SI K.Daniel was the first Officer-in Charge. It is not known when the Out Post was upgraded to the Police Station. Police Check Post is functioning at the outskirt of Ngopa since 23rd April 2007.

III. List of Police Stations/Outposts:

1 CHAMPHAI PS 03831-234414/8974924728
2 KHAWZAWL PS 03831-261117/9810381255
3 NGOPA PS 8974488992
4 ZOKHAWTHAR OP 9862066878
5 DUNGTLANG OP 8729872660