I. Brief History of the Unit:

It was long back in 1956 that the then Mizo District Council was aware of the necessity of having Traffic Police for Aizawl Town . In 1957, Head Constable Pataia and Constable Chalhnuna of Aizawl PS started learning traffic signal and even performed traffic duty at Bazar Bungkawn Point. However, due to the limited movement of the vehicle the system was not continued. By the end of 1970, it was decided to utilize the service of some young Constable who had just completed their basic training to perform traffic duty. They performed duties at three points namely:

(1) Bazar Bungkawn

(2) Darawti Point (Near Dawrpui Church )

(3) Chanmari Point.

Town staff was formed in 1971 by selecting good and smart constables from the existing Police Station Staff to look after traffic. One SI was designated as Town Sub-Inspector to look after Town Staff under the command and control of Officer-in-Charge, Aizawl PS. The first TSI was SI. Singh.

In 1972, a separate detailment was prepared by the traffic staff themselves. Traffic points were increased and locations also change as follows:-

(1) Bawngkawn – Sairang road junction.

(2) Chaltlang Dawrkawn.

(3) Cinema Hall Point ( Zodin Square ).

(4) Sikulpuikawn Point.

In 1974, a separate post for Officer-in-Charge traffic was created and Pu S. Gogoi S.I (Rtd. Addl.SP) became the first O.C. He functioned both as the in-charge of O.C Traffic and TSI simultaneously. Traffic duty Point was also increased as follows:-

(1)    Zarkawt Point

(2)    A.O.C Point

(3)    Treasury Square

(4)    L.G’s gate Point

(5)    S.B.I Point

(6)    Khatla Point

(7)    Kapsanga Point (Temple Square)

(8)    Bawngkawn-Silchar Road junction

(9)    Israela Point (Dawrpui)

(10) Rimawi Run Point

In 1976, Pu. S. Gogoi O.C Traffic along with three other staff namely, (1) ASI. K. Lalruata (now Dy. SP) (2) Nk. Thangsailova (rtd as Head Constable) and (3) C/58. Lalenga (now Inspector Traffic) undergone training on Traffic management Course at Calcutta .

TRAFFIC BRANCH: The O.C of Traffic Branch was without any staff except Town Staff till 1979. It was in this year that a separate Traffic Branch was established and become independent from Aizawl Police Station.

In 1983, an Officer of the rank of Dy. SP was posted to this branch on temporary basis. The post was made permanent in 1987. Again in 2000 the post of Additional SP Traffic was created and the branch is now headed by SP Traffic.

After 16 years of its establishment Traffic Branch was divided into two jurisdictions on 17.4.95 viz. Aizawl North Traffic and Aizawl South Traffic. There are two Dy. SPs to look after each jurisdiction.

II. Establishment:

For the administrative convenience and effective management of traffic the entire Aizawl City is divided into Six Zones. A Zonal Officer is entrusted to look after a Zone and is responsible for ensuring a smooth flow of traffic in the Zone. He is also responsible for supervision and maintenance of discipline of his field staff and looking into all traffic related problems, including investigation of accident cases.

The Office of this branch is an interwoven network of different Cells which comprises of Administrative Cell & Public Grievances Cell, Record Cell, W.T. Control Room, Corrective Cell and Compounding Cell. The Administrative Cell deals with discipline of the force for ensuring greater punctuality and efficiency of the personnel. The Record Cell functions as record keeper of all the traffic related events, such as, VIP programmes, social and political functions, Road accidents etc. The Cell maintains a proper record of all reported road accidents within the city inclusive of minor and fatal accidents. Record includes the time of occurrence, nature of accident, injury or death involved, cause of accident, damage sustained etc. A record of road accidents aims at an intensive study of road accidents in a systematic manner.

Public Grievance Cell deals with Public complaints, grievances and suggestions. It functions as a kind of a Court hearing disputes and misunderstandings between drivers involved in minor accident cases and intends to find out a way for an amicable settlement among them. Thanks to this cell, many problems arising out of such accident cases have been solved by affecting a compromise. W.T Control Room is the centre where information on all traffic staff is available. The compounding cell deals with compounding of fines on traffic violators.

The Corrective cell deals with detailment of force, publicity and education. The field staffs are splitted up into Sector, Beat and Point duty. These field staff are directly controlled and supervised by their respective Zonal Officers under the overall supervision of  SP(T) assisted by Dy. SP(T). Apart from their routine work, duties are also assigned towards VIP programmes, Political events, Social and religious functions including death and marriage. Traffic Branch is vigorously plunging itself heart and soul to ensure public convenience and safety by planning and implementing effective mode of traffic control and regulation in the city.