Lunglei DEF

I. Brief History of the Unit:

The introduction of Police system in Mizoram dates back to the second half of the 19th century following the advent of the British administration. In 1862, Pu Rothangpuia, Thangluah Chief, for fear of impending raid from the neighboring tribes sought and managed to obtain protection from the Hills Superintendent of Chittagong and agreed to keep 40 men of Frontier Police offered by the Deputy Commissioner of Chittagongat Tlabung (Demagiri). This marked the beginning of Police posts in Mizoram as the post subsequently became an important base as well as rendezvous for necessary patrolling and other operations in the Demagiri ranges. The Government constructed the present Tlabung Police Station at the expense of a mere Rs 1760/- in 1899 and the building is still standing strong weathering rough weather and the challenges of time and it has now been declared as a heritage building and is under propercare.

Till the end of the second half of the 19th century, the Mizo Chief were the centre of authority in Mizoram and since the Mizo Chiefs frequently waded into Britsh territories, a punitive expedition, consisting of 57 officers and 1225 men were sent into the South Lushai Hills under the command of Colonel F.V.W.Treager. The Force constructed a large timber stockade with living accommodation for 3 officers and 250 men called “Frontier Police Central Post,Lungleh’ at Lunglei on March 1889 and the post was manned by a British Officer and 212 men of the Frontier Police. By means of this post it was hoped to dominate the Southern Lushai Hills. By 1890, the British supremacy was established in the Lushai Hills and political officers were posted both at Aizawl and Lunglei. On April 1, 1891, the South Lushai Hills became a district under the Bengal Province and was placed under C.S. Murray, Dy.SP as Superintendent of Lunglei. The Superintendent was made head of all departments,including Civil Administration in the District. In 1898, in order to solve the various administrative problems that it has created, the South Lushai Hills and the North Lushai Hills were amalgamated into one District with its Headquarter at Aizawl and was placed under Assam. The unit became to be known as Lushai Hills District under the charge of Superintendent. Accordingly, the Government set up a Civil Police Out Post at Lunglei under Sub-Inspector of Police in 1900. Now, the Out Post had been upgraded to the status of a full-fledged(sadar) Police Station, Lunglei. This effectively paved the way for theexistence of the present District Executive Force, Lunglei. In 1950,Mr.N.K.SinhaDy.SP was posted at Lunglei as the first SDPO,Lunglei.

 In 1972, Mizoram became a Union Territory and Mizoram was divided into three (3) Districts viz., Aizawl, Lunglei and Chhimtuipui District. Theerstwhile Assam Police in Mizo District under Assam was converted into Mizoram Police. The first Inspector General of Police (I.G.P.) posted to Mizoram was I.J.Verma. Lunglei became a district headquarters and the post of Superintendent of Police was created, and Mr. A.N.Choudhury, IPS became the first Superintendent of Police, Lunglei on Dt. 1st Sept.1972. Till date, Lunglei District Police has grown from strength to strength and have evolved to be a vibrant, dynamic and effective force with numerous achievements to its credit.

II. Police Establishment:

Lunglei district is geographically the biggest district among all the 8(eight) districts of Mizoram. It is located at 22.30-23.18N Latitude and 92.15E-93.10E Longitude and has an area of 4536 Sq.Km with a population of 1,61,428 according to 2011 Census (Male-82,891; Female-78,537). It has a 107 kms long International boundary with Bangladesh in the West and 31 kms with Myanmar in the East. There are 3(three) SDPOs viz. 1)Lunglei SDPO 2)Tlabung SDPO and 3)Hnahthial SDPO and there are 6(six) Police Stations and two Out Posts.

Sub-Divisions: Under Lunglei District Police Administration, there are 3(three) Police Sub-Divisions, each under the direct supervision of a Sub-Divisional Police Officer. The following are the list of Sub-Divisions and their respective jurisdiction: 1. Lunglei Sub-Division : Lunglei Police Station &Hrangchalkawn Outpost. 2. Tlabung Sub-Division : Tlabung Police Station, Lungsen Police Station&Bunghmun Police Station. 3. Hnahthial Sub-Division :Hnahthial Police Station, Thingsai Police Station and South Vanlaiphai OP

TRAFFIC BRANCH: It is an unsanctioned post manned from the existing strength of Lunglei DEF. With the tremendous increase in the flow of traffic in the city, the need was felt to have a body of men solely dedicated to look after traffic movement and it was in 1992 that a separate Traffic Branch was set up comprising of 5 policemen. NaikK.Thangzuala was the first Traffic in-charge. With the passage of time, the strength of Traffic Branch has undergone steady increase necessitated by the rapid growth of the city and its flow of traffic.

Bazar Beat Post Lunglei:  An unsanctioned post manned from the existing strength of Lunglei Police Station.

Women Cell: With the increasing rate of abuse and crime faced by women a separate cell “Crime Against Women Cell” was established in 2000.

Anti-Human Trafficking Unit: It was established in 23.7.2010 with SDPO as its leader assisted by officers of various ranks and it continues to function effectively till date. These officers are responsible for monitoring incidents of Human Trafficking within Lunglei District.

Special Police Juvenile Unit: Actively functioning in Lunglei District

Police Stations & Outposts: Lunglei  District has 6(six) Police Stations and 2(two)Outposts.

LUNGLEI-PS :The Police Station was established in the year 1890 and is located at the very heart of Lunglei town at Venglai,Lunglei. 

HRANGCHALKAWN-OP: The Out Post was established on 16th July, 1974 and is located at the very heart of Hrangchalkawn locality. 

HNAHTHIAL- PS : The Police Station was established on 6th April, 1974 and is located at Electric veng in Hnahthial Town. The new Police Station building was constructed in August 2012 and completed in April 2013 and it was occupied on 24.7.2013. 

THINGSAI -PS : The Police Station was established on 13th June, 2000 and is located at Saikuti veng,  Thingsai. The Police Station jurisdiction covers 9 villages and the police station building was constructed in 1999 and inaugurated in the year 2000. 

BUNGHMUN -PS:  The Police Station was established on 4th April, 1974 and is located on hillock at the southern edge of Bunghmun village and it was established in the year 1974. 

LUNGSEN-PS: The Police Station was established in 1983 and is located at the outskirt of Lungsen village. The new Police Station building was constructed in June 2012 and after completion it was occupied on Dt. 4.11.2013.

TLABUNG-PS: Tlabung PS was established in 1889 and is located at the South-Western edge of Lunglei District close to the Indo-Bangladesh Border. The PS is located on hill top approachable by an uphill road from the center of Tlabung town. Just adjacent to it stands the old PS building which was constructed by the British in the year 1889. This building is considered to be the oldest Police Station Building in the state of Mizoram.

SOUTH VANLAIPHAI OUTPOST: The outpost was established on 24th April, 2002 and the outpost building was constructed in the year 2003.

III. List of Police Stations/Outposts:

1 LUNGLEI PS 0372-2324390
2 LUNGSEN PS 9612790321
3 TLABUNG PS 9612213611
4 BUNGHMUN PS 9383075704
5 THINGSAI PS 9383075704
6 HNAHTHIAL PS 9862982629
8 S.VANLAIPHAI OP 8794211853