Serchhip DEF

I. Brief History of the Unit:

The Government of Mizoram created Aizawl South District in the year 1998 vide Notification No.A.60011/21/95-GAD dt.29.7.1998 comprising the areas covered by Serchhip, Lungpho and North Vanlaiphai Assembly Constituencies with Serchhip town as district headquarters. The name of the district was subsequently changed to “Serchhip District” vide the Government of Mizoram Notification No.20016/2/99- GAD dt.3.6.1999 and the names of Assembly constituencies of Lungpho and North Vanlaiphai was also changed to Tuikum and Hrangturzo respectively. The Serchhip District thus created is situated in the heart of Mizoram and it has a small area adjacent to international border with Myanmar in the cast.

The newly established Office of Superintendent of Police, Serchhip District started functioning in a rented house at New Serchhip. Pu Lalhruaia MPS was the first Superintendent Police of Serchhip District. SP Office was subsequently endowed with financial powers w.e.f 1st April, 1999.

II. Police Establishment:

A. SP Office:

The Office of the S.P. Serchhip consists of the following branches:
General Branch/ Account Branch: This branch deals with general correspondences and all matters of accounts like preparation of pay bills, contingent bills, T.A. bills etc., budget, audit objections and related correspondences. 

Crime Branch: The Branch deals with checking of FIR and case records to monitor case investigator and for supervision order, preparation and submission of Progress Report of Special Report Cases, Returns, maintenance of all registers relating to crimes, process register, receipt and dispatch of all correspondent papers relating to crime etc.

Reserve Branch: The Reserve Officer is dealing with all correspondences in the Police Reserve Office and is responsible for care, and custody of the arms and ammunitions, equipments and clothing.

Motor Transport (M.T.) Branch:  is responsible for repair, maintenance and care of all the vehicles and the drivers are under his control. He deals with all correspondences, bills and other works under the M.T. Branch.

B. Police Sub-Division: Police Sub-Division Serchhip was established in the year 1988 before the creation of Serchhip District. There are 3 (three) Police Stations in the District viz., Serchhip P.S., North Vanlaiphai P.S., and Thenzawl P.S. Serchhip P.S. was created on 10.03.1974, North Vanlaiphai P.S. was created on 01.12.1974 and Thenzawl P.S. was upgraded from Outpost status and started functioning as a full fledged police station w.e.f. 9.7.2009. 

III. List of Police Stations/Outposts:

1 SERCHHIP PS 03838-222528
2 THENZAWL PS 03838- 261352
3 N.VANLAIPHAI PS 03838-224271