Aizawl DEF


Aizawl District is one of the eleven districts of Mizoram State in India and officially established on 25th February 1890 with a population of 239,416. Aizawl district is the centre of Administration containing all the important Government offices, State Assembly House and Civil Secretariat. The district is bounded on the north by Kolasib district, on the west by Mamit district, on the south by Serchhip district, on the southwest by Lunglei district and on the east by Saitual. The district occupies an area of 3577 Sq.Kms. The headquarters of the district is Aizawl City, the capital of Mizoram State. There are 4 (four) Rural Development Blocks i.e., Aibawk, Darlawn, Thingsulthliah and Tlangnuam. There are 4 towns and 104 villages and in 2011 census, Aizawl district had a population of 400,309 of which male and female were 199,270 and 201,039 respectively.

The office of SP Aizawl District has been functional since 1971 when Mizoram was still a Union Territory. The Office of S.P. Aizawl was first occupied as the office of Inspector General of Police and was continued to be used as S.P. Aizawl Office since then on. The Office is situated at Treasury Square which is one of the main centers in Aizawl City where other important Govt. and Non – Govt. offices are located. Presently, S.P. Aizawl is assisted by two Addl. S.Ps, six Dy.SPs and several sub-ordinate officers and staff. The post of SP Aizawl has been occupied by the following officers as shown below:-

II. List of Superintendent of Police, Aizawl


Sl.No Name From To
1. FLR. Siama, IPS 23.12.1971 8.7.1975
2. DD. Souza, IPS 9.7.1975 3.3.1979
3. V. Prakash 3.3.1979 10.3.1980
4. UK. Katna, IPS 10.3.1980 7.2.1983
5. Satish Chandra, IPS 8.2.1983 3.8.1984
6. C. Khenglawt, MPS 23.8.1984 23.10.1984
7. SK. Kain, IPS 23.10.1984 13.10.1986
8. H. Khiangte, MPS 13.10.1986 20.2.1987



Name From


1. H. Khiangte, MPS 20.7.1987 14.10.1988
2. Lalrokhuma Pachuau, IPS 14.10.1988 23.10.1991
3. Lalsangzuala Sailo, IPS 24.10.1991 4.10.1994
4. KC. Thanga, IPS 4.10.1994 16.8.1995
5. L. Hrangnawna, MPS 16.8.1995 8.9.1997
6. Zorammawia, IPS 8.9.1997 1.10.2003
7. LT. Hrangchal, MPS 1.10.2003 1.10.2008
8. C. Zorammuana, IPS 1.10.2008 20.1.2009
9. Lalbiakthanga Khaiangte, MPS 20.1.2009 26.6.2012
10. LR. Dingliana Sailo, MPS 26.6.2012 25.3.2014
11. Romil Baniya, IPS 25.3.2014 26.5.2014
12. LR. Dingliana Sailo, MPS 26.5.2014 21.7.2014
13. C. Laldina, IPS 21.7.2014 16.9.2015
14. Lalhuliana Fanai, MPS 16.9.2015 17.7.2017
15. Neihchungnunga, IPS 17.7.2017 3.4.2018
16. C. Lalzahngoa, MPS 9.4.2018 10.9.2018
17. Brijendra Kumar Yadav, IPS 10.9.2018 16.6.2019
18 C. Lalzahngoa, MPS 17.6.2019 21.12.2019
19 C. Lalruaia, MPS 22.12.2019  


  • Sub Division – 3 (Aizawl South, Aizawl North & Sakawrdai)
  • Police Station – 9 (Aizawl PS, Bawngkawn PS, Kulikawn PS, Vaivakawn PS, Sairang PS, Sialsuk PS, Darlawn PS, Sakawrdai PS and All Women PS)
  • Out Post – 2 (Zonuam OP and New Vervek OP)
  • Beat Post – 3 (Bazar Beat, Bethlehem Vengthlang Beat and Salem Veng Beat)

Aizawl DEF is responsible for the prevention and investigation of crime within Aizawl District which is the most populated district and one of the largest districts in Mizoram. As such, the responsibility of S.P. Aizawl and staff is voluminous. Moreover, Aizawl DEF is also responsible for maintenance of law and order within Aizawl city, the capital of Mizoram where all the heads of states and Govt, reside. Several officers and men of Aizawl DEF have been awarded Medals, Awards and recommendations for their good and exceptional service to the state and the country as a whole.