2nd Bn MAP

I. Brief History of the Unit:

The Second Battalion Mizoram Armed Police (2nd Bn. MAP) was initially raised with a strength of two Companies vide the order of GOM L/No.A-12125/1/82-Hmp, dtd 23.12.1982. It was functioned and attached under the 1st Bn. MAP for the first four years. Vide the order of GOM letter No.A-12028/1/82-HMP, dtd 9.10.1987, a full fledged strength of the Battalion was sanctioned where Luangmual, Lunglei was selected as its Batallion Headquarters.On the 27.4.1988, the office was shifted from Aizawl to Lunglei and the then office building of SDPO Lunglei located at Chanmary, Lunglei was utilized as the office of the Commandant. Finally on the 6.3.1989 the office was again shifted to the present location of the Battalion Headquarters, Luangmual and has been functioning here till today. A total area of land measuring 139 Acres was first allocated at Luangmual, Lunglei under the Village Council jurisdiction of Lunglawn village in the name of IGP (M) vide Pass No No. DPL – 16 of 1975 when the same location was still occupied by the 56th Bn. CRPF. The same land pass was later re-issued vide Pass No. 83 of 1977 with an area of 150 acres. This was ultimately converted into DPL No 7 D of 1999 issued in the name of Secretary, Home Department, Government of Mizoram. The same location has been utilized as the 2nd Battalion Headquarters till today.

II. Establishment:


  3. QUARTER MASTER BRANCH:  Under this Branch there are different smaller functionary  units where different staffs are posted to look after diverse nature of works. The different units under this Branch are :-
    1. Quarter master Main Office Staffs 
    2. Clothing Unit  :-  This Unit looks after clothing of the Battalion. One Sub-Inspector and five Constables are entrusted to take care of this Unit. The Staffs are responsible for looking after the uniform items, its issue and making records of all transactions.
    3. Unit Tailor :- They also look after the Unit Family Welfare Centre. The function of the Unit Tailor with that of the Family Welfare Centre can not be separated. The Family Welfare Centre was established in the year 1991. The tailors are given the task of stitching police uniforms at a rate fixed by the Police Headquarters as and when supply of uniforms clothing are available. 
    4. Unit Painter 
    5. Unit Black Smith 
    6. Unit Electrician 
    7. Unit Cobler 
    8. Unit Dhobi 
    9. Unit Barber
    10. Battalion Water Duty  : They take care of the distribution of water to offices and family lines. 
    11. Telephone Exchange  : The EPABX exchange was established since 18.6.1996 and the Intercom machine was received vide PHQ order No. D-21013/48/95/DGP/107, dtd. 16.8.1996 with a battery of 24 volts. 
    12. Unit Carpentry, Saw Mill etc:-  The Staffs posted looks after the Battalion buildings and other repairs etc
    13. Unit Ration Store, Dairy, Gas, Poultry and Piggery 
    14. Rice and Sugar are drawn direct from the Supply Godown in bulk after preparing necessary D.O (challan) from the office of DCSO which are further distributed to the jawans and families from the Ration Store as per the scale by using family Ration Card. All the families of the Battalion and the Jawans are having Ration Cards as per the terms and conditions set by the Department of Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs, Govt. of Mizoram.There once was a problem in this regard which was ultimately settled after official negotiation with the Department concerned was initiated. 
    15. The battalion is also having a separate Gas Store. Gas cylinders are drawn from Southern Gas Agency, Lunglei in bulk which are distributed to families of the battalion.
    16. The battalion is also having Piggery Firm. The scale can not be made larger at this stage due to the difficulties of getting fodder/food for the pigs.
    17. Unit Tea Canteen 
  4. ARMS COTE:  The Arms Kote of the Battalion was established since the establishment of this Battalion in the year 1987. 
  5. PIPE BAND PLATOON:  The 2nd Bn. MAP Pipe Band Platoon was established in the year 2002 vide Letter No. 2BN/R-43/2002/311, dtd. 7.2.2002. It is the first of this kind in the Southern part of Mizoram. The Band has been benefited by numbers of  Schools and other Police Battalion of Mizoram as they are instrumental in forming their own Pipe Band by imparting training on them.
  6. TRAINING BRANCH: Training Branch of a Battalion was set up as per the Provision under Rule 332 (7) and Rule 299 of MPM, 2005     
  7. POLICE HOSPITAL:  The 2nd Bn. MAP Hospital  of 10 (ten) bedded capacity which was established some time in the year 1989. The Hospital provided health care to police personnel and their families including residents of nearby villages.
  8. MPRO: There is Wireless Sub-Station inside the Battalion Complex which was established since 27.3.1989. The stationery requirements of the Sub-Station are provided by the battalion since July 2009.
  9. UNIT REGIMENTAL POLICE: This Unit has Regimental Police uninterruptedly. They are constantly watching and keeping vigilance over the Family Lines, Barracks and Govt. Buildings inside Battalion Headquarters Complex.
  10. Disaster Response Force: Following the decision of the Government, a company strength called Disaster Response Force had been formed at the Battalion headed by one Sub-Inspector and one G.O as supervisor. Exercises are also occasionally conducted inside the Battalion and outside and it shall be continued regularly.
  11. Rapid Action Force: Another Platoon strength of Rapid Action Force have also been formed as per the decision of the Police Headquarters. The Force have successfully completed short course on Commando Training at PTC Lungverh. They are to be utilized as operational matters that include serious incidences of crime that can invite breach of law and order.

B.   BUILDINGS: Different types of buildings like Type-I, Type-II, Type III, Type-IV, Barracks and others totaling 137 numbers are present inside the Complex. Most buildings were constructed way back in the year 1989 while a few are constructed a little later. Due to old age and hostile environment of the location the Assam Type buildings of most Quarters inclusive of Offices are in bad shape requiring constant repairs at regular interval of times.

The staff of the Battalion are deployed to various places like Battalion Headquarters, Link Office, Aizawl, Lunglei District, Saiha District, Lawngtlai District and Serchhip District as re-enforced staff of Police Stations and Police out Post, Static Guards at Treasury and Banks.


  • Family Welfare Centre: As mentioned before, there is a Family Welfare Centre inside the Battalion which was established in the year 1991. Commandant of the Battalion is the Chairman and Officers of the Battalion as Office Bearers. The member includes not only staff of the Battalion but also persons who are trained from the Centre from various trade like tailoring etc. The tailors are given a task of stitching police uniforms at a rate fixed by the Police Headquarters whenever supply of uniform clothings are received from Police Headquarters. 20 percent of the stitching charges per uniform is taken by the Family Welfare Centre for the Unit Fund while 20 percent of the stitching charges so accumulated are utilized for development of the Centre.
  • Water Reservoirs:- In order to help solve the acute water problems, the Battalion have constructed water reservoirs on self help basis and funding from DRDA, Lunglei.
  • Education for children of the staff :- There is 1(one) each of Government Primary and Middle School inside Battalion Headquarters Luangmual. An English Medium School has been established from the academic session of 2007 with the contributions of all employees under 2nd Bn. MAP with a hope to bring quality education to Police Children as well as children of nearby localities. The school has classes from KG-I to class-VIII and is temporarily accommodated in one of the Police Buildings inside the Bn. Complex.
  • Vehicles for Highway Accident:- There are vehicles available with this Unit which can be hired on payment of existing hiring charges by anyone who met (road) accident along National Highway for the purpose of lifting vehicles and for transporting injured persons as the case may be. 
    1. Crane (Recovery Vehicle)        –        1 No.
    2. Ambulance                              –        1 No.  These vehicles were received from Ministry of Road Transport and Highways with terms and condition of NHARSS (National Highway Accident Relief Service Scheme) through PHQ. The conditions and terms instructed that the fund so accumulated out of the hiring charges of the two types of vehicles can be utilized by the State Government for promoting road safety activities in a State.
  • Parade Ground cum Play Ground:- The Battalion is having a good  Play Ground cum Parade Ground inside the Complex. All activities of the Battalion including sports etc. are held here.
  • Sports and other Recreational features:- The Battalion is having one Indoor Stadium cum Drill Shed wherein Indoor games like Badminton etc. are played regularly. The Battalion is also having teams on various games and sport discipline like Volley Ball, Boxing, Football, Athletics, Tug of War and other Indoor Games. The Battalion sport is also held regularly where maximum numbers of staffs and their families are participating.
         A good numbers of trophies and other prizes have been won by the sport personnel of the Battalion in various sports discipline inside Mizoram and outside.
  • Church and Mandir :- To take care of the religious needs of the staffs and their families a separate Church called the ‘2nd Bn. MAP Church’ is established within no distinction of church denomination.  There is also a Mandir inside the Complex where the Hindus do their puja without  disturbance.