Kolasib DEF


Kolasib DEF started functioning in the year 1998 when Kolasib Civil Sub-Division was elevated into a District on 29th July, 1998. At the beginning, there is only Police Sub-Division i.e., Kolasib (Estd. 24/4/1977) and in 2007, a new Sub-Division, Vairengte Sub-Division was created under Kolasib District. At present, Kolasib DEF consists of two Sub-Divisions namely, Kolasib Sub-Division which comprises of Kolasib PS, Bairabi PS and Kawnpui PS and Vairengte Sub-Division (Estd. in 2007) comprising Vairengte PS, Bilkhawthlir OP, Saiphai OP and Phaisen Police Checkgate. Traffic Branch was also established on 23rd December 2008. ILP Checkgates are established at Vairengte, Bairabi, Saiphai and Phaisen. Temporary check post is also established at Phainuam junction.


The post of SP Kolasib has been occupied by the following Officers as under:-

Sl. No. Name From To
1 Joseph  Lalchhuana  MPS 1.9.1998 6.8.2003
2 LalbiakthangaKhiangte  MPS 6.8.2003 22.9.2008
3 Lallianmawia  MPS 22.9.2008 9.11.2009
4 PC  Lalchhuanawma  MPS 12.11.2009 2.9.2010
5 Madhur Verma  IPS 2.9.2010 14.5.2013
6 Rishi  Pal  IPS 3.9.2013 31.7.2014
7 RP  Meena  IPS 26.8.2014 6.5.2015
8 C.  Lalzahngoa,   MPS 11.5.2015 21.7.2017
9 Abhishek Dhania   IPS 24.7.2017 23.1.2019
10 Vanlalfaka Ralte   MPS 2.2.2019 Till date


The Police administration in the District is headed by an Officer of the rank of Superintendent of Police and he is assisted by Additional Superintendent of Police, Deputy Superintendent of Police (Hqrs.), 2 (two) Sub-Divisional Police Officers, Officer-in-Charge of Police Stations, other Sub-ordinate Officers and Staff. The office of the Superintendent of Police of the District is the main office of the District Police. All Police Stations and Traffic Branch are headed by Officer-in-Charge of Police Station.


District Welfare Committee (KLB DEF.) was constituted under the chairmanship of SP, Kolasib and all head of branches SP(K) Office were all the members of the welfare.       


Despite limited manpower and resources, Police personnel of Kolasib have given due importance to their duties and rendered selfless services on many occasions which in turn resulted in commendable achievement in the recent past which are mentioned as under ( as on 30.11.2021):

i) During the last 4(four) years 58 Cases of ND&PS have been registered and 85 persons have been arrested. Conviction Rate of ND&PS cases is 37.64 % during the last 4 (four) years.

ii) During 2021, Cash and items worth Rs. 21,33,680.00 ( 21 lakhs) which is about 53 % of Stolen Articles/cash have been recovered by Kolasib District Police in connection with different cases dealt by them.

iii) On 09.07.2021, Kolasib Police seized fake Currency at the residence of Zirsangzela Venglai, Kolasib amounting to Rs. 124,500/- (one lakh twenty four thousand five hundred) from the possession of Zirsangzela (37) s/o B. Thangseia of Venglai, Kolasib. The seized items included Rs. 500/- denomination (249 nos.). Regular case was registered in connection with this.

iv) 492 Kgs. of Methamphetameme worth 97,50,00,000 INR was seized by Vairengte Police at Vairengte Police Chackgate on 29/02/2020, which according to the records maintained by National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) is the largest amount of Methamphetameme seized in India by Police at one time. The estimated total market value of drugs seized is Rs. 97,55,88,558/-.( Rs. 97 crore ).