Siaha DEF

I. Brief History of the Unit:

Siaha District was formerly part of Chhimtuipui District. In 1998 when Chhimtuipui District was split in half, the half that became Saiha District was briefly called by the old name Chhimtuipui District which is later known as Saiha. Saiha town is the administrative headquarters of the district. The majority of the district inhabitants are Mara people, who also have an autonomous district council called ‘Mara Autonomous District Council’ composed of the two R.D. Blocks of Saiha and Tuipang. The district area comes under Mara Autonomous District Councils under the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution of India. The Council functions like mini- Legislative Assemblies with powers to pass their own laws and rules, subject to ratification by the Administrator (Governor of Mizoram). Saiha district is comprised of numerous hills and valleys and is rich in vegetation and forest.

    The law & order and crime situation in the district is quite normal and Saiha is among the most peaceful districts of Mizoram. The people of Saiha are peace loving and law abiding. The NGOs also assist police in ensuring healthy crime free environment.

II. Police Establishment:

A. SP Office: The SP Office is composed of the following branches:

  • Account/General Branch
  • Reserve Branch and Clothing Store
  • Crime Branch
  • Prosecution Branch
  • Motor Transport Branch
  • Confidential Branch
  • District Special Branch

B. POLICE STATION AND OUTPOST: The present Saiha District is consisting of three Police Stations namely Saiha Police Station,Tuipang Police Stationand Phura Police Station, three Police Outposts namely Kawlchaw OPLungbun OPandSaihatlangkawn OP and one Bazar Beat Post

III. List of Police Stations/Outposts:

1 SIAHA PS 03835-225052/100
2 SIAHATLA OP 03835-223015
3 KAOCHAO OP 7085152349
4 LOBO OP 9862561945
5 TIPA PS 03835-280011
6 PHURA PS 9436149706