Champhai Police (Traffic Cell) seized Heroin No.4

WarOnDrugs continues. Every man and woman of #MizoramPolice is committed to fight this scourge with all their might. Looking forward to continued public cooperation.
This time, Champhai Police (Traffic Cell) on the night of 22.04.2022 seized Heroin No.4, contained in 15 soap cases, weighing 190 grams, valued over ₹ 95 lakhs in international market from Vankhawchhiari (42) d/o Kapkianlova of Zokhawthar Village, on the outskirts of Champhai town (Zokhawthar-Champhai road).
Ngawrh taka ruihlo kan dona kal zelah, ni 22.4.2022 zan khan Champhai Police (Traffic Cell) team te chuan Heroin, 190 grams a rit, sahbawn bawm 15 chhunga thuhruk, international market-a ₹ 95 lakhs man hu chu Champhai khaw dai (Zokhawthar-Champhai road)-ah Vankhawchhiari (42) d/o Kapkianlova, Zokhawthar kut atangin an man.