Our Martyr – P.C. Vanlalpeka

Name :  Lance Naik P.C. Vanlalpeka, 3-MAP

Date & Place of Occurence : 4.8.1996 at Near Champhai

Brief of Action causing such death : The Chin National Army (CNA) Outfit entered into eastern part of Mizoram since January, 1996 and were found indulging in committing mischievous and criminal acts like kidnapping and to the extent of murder etc.
To tackle with these CNA outfits, an operation team of Mizoram Armed Police consisting of 12 (twelve) personnel including Lance Naik P.C. Vanlalpeka was dispatched from Aizawl during the middle part of 1996 to launch necessary offensive and preventive operation in and around Champhai town and its neighbouring villages.
On reaching the Forest Hut where the kidnapped persons were kept, the operation team of Mizoram Armed Police encountered with the suspected CNA outfits and shots were fired. Lance Naik P.C. Vanlalpeka of 3rd Bn.MAP was shot at his forehead at about 9:30 PM on 4.8.1996 and succumbed to his injuries on the spot.