A meeting of all Women Police Officers and personnel of Aizawl District convened at SP Aizawl Conference Hall.

On 15.3.2023, a meeting of all Women Police Officers and personnel of Aizawl District was convened at SP Aizawl Conference Hall under the chairmanship of Pu Lallianmawia, DIG(Northern Range), accompanied by Pu C.Lalruaia, SP Aizawl. An Interactive session was held on Women police related issues at workplace, other problems that can arise and possible improvements. The participants shared their views & experiences. While applauding their works, they were urged to always give their best on their duties & responsibilities, to become the true friend of the people. The chairman also stressed on the need for sincerity and honesty at their work.

Ni 15.3.2023 khan SP Aizawl Conference Hall-ah, Aizawl District hnuaia hmeichhia police te nen inkawmhona hun neih a ni a, Pu Lallianmawia, DIG(Northern Range) chuan kaihhruaiin, Pu C.Lalruaia, SP Aizawl in a telpui bawk. He meeting-ah hian hmeichhia police te an hnathawhna hmun leh thawhhona chungchanga an harsatna emaw, an hnathawhna kawnga hmasawnna awmtheite sawi hona neih a ni. Kalkhawm te hian an tawnhriat te sawiin, Chairman chuan infuihtharna thu sawi bawkin, member kalte chu chhuanawm a tih thu a sawi a, an duty na theuhah theihtawp chhuah turin a hrilh. Rinawm tak leh zahawm taka thawktur leh, harsatna tawk leh tanpui ngaite theihtawpa tanpuia, an harsatna sutkian sak tura hma la thin turin a fuih a ni.