Annual Crime Conference held at DGP Conference Hall

The Annual SPs conference took place at Police Headquarters, Aizawl, on January 19th and 20th, 2024, under the chairmanship of DGP Mizoram, Pu Anil Shukla. The event was attended by SPs from all districts and units, commandants of Mizoram Armed Police Battalions (MAP), India Reserve Battalions (IRBN), AIGs, DIGs, all IGPs, and ADGP Mizoram.

During the inaugural session, Pu Anil Shukla IPS, DGP Mizoram, congratulated all officers for the smooth and incident-free conduct of elections and arrangements during the formation of the new government. He also briefed officers on the recommendations from the DGP/IGPs conference held in Jaipur from January 5th to 7th. The DGP directed officers to take action on all points discussed during the conference and encouraged a proactive approach in policing. He emphasized increasing visits to border villages, improving public outreach, and earnestly fighting against drug trafficking and implementing preventive measures for theft and burglary in their areas.

IGP Intelligence Pu Veenu Bansal highlighted best practices in smart policing from various states and tasked officers with studying and adopting these practices in Mizoram Police. AIG Legal Pu Md Ali, IPS, and SP Hnathial Pu Shivendu IPS spoke on new laws recently enacted by Parliament, discussing background, new provisions, and challenges faced by the police in implementing these laws.

SP Lunglei Pu Rahul Alwal, IPS, presented on leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the challenges posed. SP Champhai Pu Vineet Kumar and SDPO Champhai jointly addressed the conference on drug peddling, routes from Myanmar via Champhai to other states/countries, new trends/challenges related to Manipur ethnic clashes, border issues due to infighting in Myanmar, and its impact on Mizoram. They also presented a case study on the procedure for financial investigation of NDPS cases and forfeiture of illegally amassed property by drug cartels.

SP SB spoke on new smuggling routes through Mizoram and effective measures to curb illegal activities. SP Saitual Pu Pukhraj Kamal spoke on inter-agency coordination, border issues, and improvements in policing during his tenure as SP Saitual.
The conference culminated with the celebration of the 53rd Raising Day of Mizoram Police. Presiding over the ceremony, DGP Mizoram Pu Anil Shukla IPS congratulated the force on recent achievements and encouraged them to continue upholding their ethos and commitment to serving the community.

Annual SPs Conference hi Police Headquarters, Aizawl-ah, January ni 19 leh 20, 2024 khan DGP Mizoram, Pu Anil Shukla kaihhruaina hnuaiah neih a ni a. District leh Unit hrang hrang SP te leh Mizoram Armed Police Battalions (MAP) leh India Reserve Battalions (IRBN) Commandant te bakah AIGs, DIGs, IGPs leh ADGP Mizoram te Meeting-ah hian an tel a ni.
Pu Anil Shukla IPS, DGP Mizoram chuan a hawnna hunah thu sawiin, Officer te chu an thawhrimna zara inthlanpui leh sawrkar thar lakluh chungchangah boruak muanawm tak kan neih theih avanga a lawmpui thu a sawi a. January 5-7, 2014 chhunga Jaipur-a DGP/IGPs Conference-a an thu leh hla thenkhat te Officer-te hnena hrilhhriatna hun a hman bakah he conference atang hian tang lehzuala hna thawk chhunzawm turin a fuih a. Heng, ramri hnaih khuate ngun lehzuala vil, mipuite nena inpumkhatna leh thawhhona uar lehzual, ruihhlo tawlh rukna ngawrh lehzuala do leh rukrukna leh mi in rawkte tihziawm a nih theih tura hmalak kawngah te tan la thar turin Officer kalkhawmte a fuih thar bawk a ni.
IGP Intelligence, Pu Veenu Bansal chuan tunlai thiamna mila Police hna thawh (smart policing) kawnga state dang Police-te hmalakna hrang hrang tarlangin Officer te chu Mizoram Police-in a hman tangkai theih tur thilte dapa ngaihtuahna seng turin a chah a. AIG Legal Pu Md Ali, IPS, leh SP Hnathial Pu Shivendu IPS te chuan tunhnaia Parliament-in dan thar a zam thenkhat chungchang leh a kenkawh kawnga Police-in chona a hmachhawn theih hrang hrangte sawi zauna hun an hmang bawk.

SP Lunglei Pu Rahul Alwal, IPS, chuan tunlaia thil buaipuiawm tak Artificial Intelligence (AI) in chona leh harsatna a thlen hrang hrangte sawiin, SP Champhai Pu Vineet Kumar leh SDPO Champhai ten Myanmar atanga ruihhlo tawlh ruk a nih dan leh a kalkawng te, Myanmar ramchhung buaina leh Manipur buainain nghawng a neih dan te an sawi bakah NDPS thubuaia sum kaihhnawih thil chhui dan leh ruihhlo tawlhtutena dan kalha an neih bungraw enkawl zui dan chungchangte an sawi a ni.

SP SB chuan Mizoram kal tlang ruihhlo tawlhna kawng thar chungchang leh hetiang thil tihtlemna tura hmalakna turte sawiin, SP Saitual Pu Pukhraj Kamal chuan ruihhlo dotu pawl hrang hrang thawhhona (inter-agency coordination), ramri chungchang leh SP Saitual a nih hnua hmasawnnate a sawi bawk.

Conference hi Mizoram Police 53rd Raising Day lawmnain khar a ni a. DGP Mizoram Pu Anil Shukla IPS chuan he hun hi kaihruaiin, tunhnaia Mizoram Police chhunga hlawhtlinna hrang hrang changtute a lawmpui thu a sawi a, inpekna leh taimakna thar nena hma lam pan zel turin a chah bawk a ni.