Champhai Police seized 560 grams of heroin at Khankawn Police Check gate.

Unless we reduce the rampant #DrugAbuse with the help of all stakeholders, we can not win the #WarOnDrugs. Meanwhile, we continue #SupplyDisruption on our part by catching huge haul of #Heroin. Early morning of 12.3.2023, #ChamphaiPolice on duty at Chalbawiha Junction Khankawn Police Check gate seized 560 grams (44 soap cases) of heroin, valued ₹2.8 Crores in international market from one vehicle plying from Champhai to Aizawl, driven by Gosiankhaia (24) s/o Mangkhama of Ngur Village, Champhai District (P/A – New Champhai). FIR registered at Champhai PS for further investigation about forward/ backward linkages.

Ruihhlo hmansualna nasa tak hi a kaihhnawih pawl hrang hrangte thawhhona nen a kan tihtlem loh chuan ruihhlo donaah kan hlawhtling lo ang. Theihtawpa ruihhlo kan donaah #heroin tam tham tak kan man leh ta. Ni 12.3.2023 zing hma takah khan #ChamphaiPolice Chalbawiha Junction Khankawn Police Check gate duty te chuan heroin, gram 560 (hawng 44), international market-a cheng vaibelchhe ₹2.8 man chu lirthei pakhat, Champhai atanga Aizawl pan mek, Gosiankhaia (24) s/o Mangkhama, Ngur, Champhai District (P/A – New Champhai) nia inchhal khalh atangin an man. Champhai PS-ah thubuai ziahluh niin a thlun zawmpui dangte chhui mek a ni.