DGP Mizoram held a meeting with leaders of Central YMA at his Office Chamber.

On 4.9.2023, DGP Mizoram Pu Anil Shukla IPS held a meeting with leaders of Central YMA at his Office Chamber at PHQ, Khatla, Aizawl. A fruitful discussion and interaction on various important issues was held. The DGP also requested continued cooperation and support from YMA members, and also stressed on the need to work together in the fight against drugs, demand reduction & treatment of drug addicts and other related issues. They also discussed the need for cooperation and collaboration among Police, YMA, community leaders and all other stakeholders to ensure peaceful and fair general assembly election later this year.
The DGP was accompanied by DIG(NR) Pu Lallianmawia, IPS with Central YMA team led by President Pu R.Lalngheta.
Ni 4.9.2023 khan DGP Mizoram Pu Anil Shukla IPS chuan a Pisaah Central YMA hruaitute a kawm. Inkawmhonaah hian thil hrang hrang sawiho niin, DGP chuan YMA member te chu thawhpui chhunzawm zel turin a sawm bakah Mizorama ruihhlo hluar lutuk leh a tihrem kawnga YMA leh Police te chak leh zuala thawhho dan tur te, ruihhlo ngaite enkawl chungchangte leh a kaihhnawih thil chi hrang hrang an sawiho a.
Hemi bakah hian kumin kumtawpa Assembly Inthlanpui kan hmachhawn tura inthlanna muanawm leh thianghlim a awm theihna tura YMA leh khawtlang hruaitute thawhho a tul thu an sawi bawk.
Inkawmhonaah hian DGP hi DIG (NR) Pu Lallianmawia IPS in a tawiawm a, Central YMA hi President Pu R. Lalngheta’n a ho bawk.