Felicitation of a Braveheart by Mizoram Police

Mizoram Police is tremendously proud of Constable R.Lalhmingmawia of 3rd Bn.MAP for his selfless, courageous and brave acts in suppressing unexpected electrical fires that suddenly broke out at Bawngkawn locality, Aizawl on 14.05.2018.

Constable R.Lalhmingmawia of 3rd Bn.MAP was performing sentry duty as security guard in State Bank of India, Bawngkawn branch on 14.05.2018 @ 1200 – 1400 hrs. At about 1330 hrs., he heard panic-stricken cry of somebody down the main road voicing electrical fires. On reading the situation, he quickly grabbed ‘fire extinguisher’ placed at the Bank and rushed to the spot. He climbed up to a tin roof top of a nearby house where he could fight the fires and smoke in the electrical transmission lines and pole probably caused by faulty electrical outlets and old appliances.

He has no previous knowledge about the use and handling of ‘fire extinguisher’. But, he somehow could manage to use it. After the gas was exhausted, another ‘extinguisher’ was given to him which was also finished in no time. Having no other fire fighting materials, he was supplied raw water from below to put off the fires. While he was using raw water, some quantity spilled over the tin roof making it slippery. The constable slipped to the edge of the roof and almost fell down to the ground. He later recalled that he has no clue how he could stop at the edge of the roof and what prevent him from falling down. As recalled by him in the midst of chaos ‘something not seen by the naked eye grabbed me on my body in nick of time as I reached the edge of the tin roof.’ The intervention of unknown and unseen hand prevented him from falling to the hard surface of the road. After fighting the much threatening unwanted electrical fires for several minutes, he managed to stop and suppress the fires.

He was alone up there on the roof to fight the highly dangerous electrical fires. He risked his life and probably saved,  protect lives and properties of people at least of the nearby area. His act was truly selfless, courageous and brave.

Mizoram Police organized a special  assembly/meeting  to honour and felicitate its brave-heart on 20.05.2018 (Sunday) at 3rd Bn.MAP Roll Call Ground, Mualpui.  Samsung Centre,  Bawngkawn also felicitated  our braveheart by holding a programme on 16.05.2018 at their centre, attended by officials of Samsung Dealers, General Secretary of Central YMA, leaders of Local Council & YMA of Bawngkawn, Aizawl. He was given Samsung LED Television as a token of their gratitude for protecting their many valuable properties from unwanted electrical fires.