Good Stories for the month of July 2020


  1. On 30.6.2020 a written FIR was received from S.I Joseph Lalhnehzela of Champhai PS that on 30.6.2020 at 7:00am Chalbawia Junction, Khankawn Police Check Gate duty produced 6 (Six) cases of Foreign Cigarette Farstar value of Rs, 1,50,000/- (Approx) in local market belongs to Pi JH.Vanlalruati (63) d/o Ralchungnunga (L) of Kanan Veng, Champhai while they were trying to illegally transported to other district. The said foreign Cigarette was seized by preparing seizure memo in presence of reliable witnesses. Hence, CPI PS C/No 62/2020 Dt. 30.06.2020 u/s 269/188 IPC r/w 5(5)/5(9) of the Mizoram (Containment and prevention of Covid -19) Ordinance 2020 was registered.

  1. On 07.07.2020 a Suo-Moto FIR was submitted by A.S.I C.Zohmingliana of CPI PS that they detained forty (40) packs containing 1750 Cartons of Foreign Cigarettes (V Cigarettes & X-Tra Cigarettes Mixed) belongs to Zaithantluangi(42) d/o Sangzuala of Zotlang, Champhai Value of Rs.8,00,000 (approx in Local Market) at Chalbawia Junction, Khankawm Police Check gate. Hence CPI PS C/No 66/2020 07.07.2020 u/s 269/188/ IPC r/w 5(9) of the Mizoram (Containment and prevention of Covid -19) Ordinance 2020 was registered

  1. On 24.07.2020 ASI C.Zohmingliana of CPI PS submitted a Suo-Moto FIR that on 24.07.2020 while he was on duty at the PS, at around 11:40PM, a telephonic information was received from Chalbawia Juction, Khankawn Police Check Gate that they detained one vehicle BR No. MZ 01/R-0222 driven by MS Dawngliana (28) S/O Vanlalruata of Chaltlang Aizawl on suspicious ground. On received of the information, party rushed to the spot to enquire the matter. On reaching the spot, checking of the said vehicle was conducted in presence of witnesses and recovered foreign Cigarettes,397 Cartons of Farstar and 248 Cartons of V-Cigarettes, total value of Rs. 3,00,000/- (approx) in local market from the illegal possession of the three passengers namely, 1. Lalchhuanawma (24) s/o Tlawmlolala of Ramhlun ‘S’ Aizawl 2. Lalthakimi (24) D/o Hlunzuala of Chanmari Aizawl 3. Zothansangi (48) D/o Lalruata of Zemabawk ‘N’ Aizawl. Hence CPI PS C/No 68/2020 Dt.24.07.2020 u/s 269/188/ IPC r/W 5(9) of the Mizoram (Containment and prevention of Covid -19) Ordinance 2020 was registered.

  1. On 28.07.2020 a Suo Moto FIR was submitted by ASI C. Zohringliana of CPI PS that on the night of 28.07.2020 @ 10:00PM, he along with party conducted random checking at the outskirt of Tlangsam Village and seized the below noted articles in presence of seizure witnesses which were illegally imported from Myanmar by crossing Indo Myanmar Border without any permission and violated promulgation of DC, Champhai Order. The following mentioned articles, Vehicles with drivers and the owner of the said articles were forwarded to CIM Court Champhai yesterday for Judicial remand. The seized items are as follows.

  1. 5 cases of Lion, 10 cases of Godzilla, 10 cases of Shark, 10 cases of Farstar Cigarettes, MZ 01-D 2002(Gypsy) with Driver Roluahsanga (18) s/ Lalremruata of Tlangsam Village.
  2. 2 cases of Fuji, 4 cases of Lion, 4 cases of Shark, 6 cases of Beef Tin, 2 cases of Fish Curry, 4 cases of Polythene, MZ 01-2184(Gypsy) with driver Rochamliana(43) s/o Lalsangliana of Tlangsam Village.
  3. 4 bags of Milk, 1 bag of Rice cake, 1 bag of Fuji, 2 bags of Lion, One Bag of Nghapih, MZ 01 B-9685(Gypsy) with driver Laldingliana (34) s/o Thanseia of Tlangsam.
  4. 10 Cases of Farstar Cigarettes, 10 cases of Godzilla, 15 cases of Lion, 19 cases of Shark, MZ 04-3803 (Gypsy) with driver Lalthlanpuia (33) s/o Lallana of Tlangsam Village.
  5. 3 bags of Polythene, 3 bags of Noodles(Mami), 2 cases of Spicy Noodles, one bag of Lion, 2 bags of Nghapih, MZ 01 D-4278(Gypsy) with Driver Ruatthianghlima (23) s/o Rohmingthanga of Tlangsam Village.
  6. 2 bags of tea mix(Monkey), 6 cases of Fuji, One bag of Polythene, 2 cases of Rice Cake, MZ 01 B-0125 with driver Vanlalhruaia (40) s/o Lalzinga of Tlangsam Village.
  7. 4 cases of Fuji, 6 cases of Shark, 4 cases of Polythene, 12 cases of Milk, MZ 04-2512(Gypsy) driver Lalruatdika (18) s/o Lalremmawia of Tlangsam Village.
  8. 3 cases of Farstar Cigarettes, MZ 04 A- 3465407 driver Lalridinga (34) s/o Kaplianhranga of Tlangsam Village.

            The total Value of seized articles were estimated Rs. 5,96,660/- approx in local market rate. The real owner of Foreign Cigarettes (28 cases) value of Rs. 4,20,000/- is Lalnunmawia 42 s/o K.Zamlova of Venglai Champhai. The real owner of essential commodities items 7 Cases of Lion, 16 cases of Milk, 3 cases of Rice Cake, 3 case of Nghapih, 10 case of Shark, 8 cases of polythene, 2 bags of tea mix, 3 bags of Mami Noodles, 2 cases of Spicy Noodles Value of Rs.1,08,090/- is Vanllallawmi (41) d/o Tuanlinga of Bethel Veng Champhai. The three Drivers, Roluahsanga(18) s/o Lalremruata, Lalthlanpuia(33) s/ Laltlana and Lalridinga (34) s/o Kaplianhranga all from Tlangsam Village do not know the real owner of seized articles that they transpoprted. Hence, CPI PS C/No. 70/2020 Dt 28.07.2020 u/s 269/188 IPC r/w 5(9) of the Mizoram (Containment and prevention of Covid – 19) Ordinance 2020 was registered.

  1. On 14.07.2020 a Sou moto FIR was submitted by HC F.Lalrinmawia of Dungtlang PS stating that on 14.7.2020 @ 7:16am while he was on duty at Dungtlang Police Check Gate, they detained two vehicles (207) (1) B/R No. Mz-04A-1798 driven by Biakhmingliana S/o Thangzika of Dinthar veng, Champhai and (2) B/R No. Mz-04A-3298 driven by Sangmalsawma S/o Lalnunkima of New Champhai on a suspicious ground. Checking of vehicles was conducted and recovered Myanmar Cigarette 2928 Cartons belongs to Lalnunsiami (35) do Sangzawni of Tuipui village, Champhai District worth Rs. 13,20,000/- (approx) in local market. Hence, DTLNG PS C/No 3/2020 DT. 14.07.2020 u/s 269/188/ IPC r/w 5(9) of the Mizoram (Containment and prevention of Covid -19) Ordinance 2020 was registered.