Good Stories for the month of June 2021

A suo moto FIR was submitted by ASI C.Zohmingliana of Champhai PS stating that on 21.06.2021, while he was on duty at Khankawn Police Check gate, he with party recovered and seized Seven(7) bundles of suspected Methamphetamine of 70.700 Tablets in total value of Rs. 21,210,000/- approx in local market from one Scooty (Rodeo) Br. no. MZ 01-J-3423 driven by Vanlalauva (21) S/o B.Chungnunga of Kanan Veng, Champhai. In this connection, the following five persons were involved in this case.

  1. Sahil Uddin (33) A.Hrilali of Karimganj, Assam.
  2. Raju Robidas (55) S/O Harry Narayan Robidas of Silchar Kanakpur.
  3. Phazir Uddin (25) s/o Abdul Haque of Karimganj, Assam
  4. Nazim Uddin (26) s/o Nurulzali of Karimganj Assam
  5. Zoliansanga(47) s/o Lalthankima of Kanan veng Champhai,

Hence, Champhai PS C/No 51/21 Dt. 21.06.2021 u/s 22(C)/25/29 ND & PS Act was registered.

On 21.06.2021 at 6:30 p.m., FIR was submitted by Lalawmpuia S/o Lalzuala (L) C.O.B Farkawn, Mizoram. 8 Assam Rifle P/A Bazar Kawn. East Lungdar that on 21.06.2021 @10:30am they conducted mobile vehicle checking at Farkawn and they recovered –

  1. 4 Boxes of Safety Fuse (Each Box containing 50 Coils of 10 mts each, Total – 2000 mts).
  2. 37 packs of Detonator (Each packs contains 25 Electric Detonator – Total 925 detonator).
  3. 6 Cartoons of special Detonator Total – 3000nos.
  4. 63 Sacks of Explosive (Each sacks containing 10 packs -2.08kgs of class II category ZZ explosive powder Total- 1.3104 tons from vehicle B/R No. Mz-01M-9258 TATA 207 driven by Zothangpuia (48) S/o Lenghmunga of Zawra Veng, Farkawn

     The owner of seized articles are Lallawmawma (43) S/o Vanlalsawma of Kelsih and Rokhawma (50) s/o Nghinglova of Bawngkawn. Aizawl were arrested Value of the seized articles are Rs. 2,50,000/- (approx). Hence, Dungtlang PS C/No.5/21 Dt.21.06.2021 U/s 5(a) Explosive Substance Act was registered.

A suo moto FIR was submitted by SI C.Lalsangliana of Champhai PS stating that on 22.06.2021@5:30pm, Chalbawia Junction, Khankawn Police Check gate duty detained one Taxi B/R No. Mz-04A- 3811 driven by Andria Lalnunzira (28) S/o Hranglawma of Electric Veng, Khawzawl on suspicious ground. Thorough checking was conducted after preparing grounds of belief and recovered 26 grams of Heroin value of Rs. 100,000/- from one of the passenger Sainunmawia (31) S/o Laikunga (L.) of Laipuitlang, Aizawl which was kept inside his bag. Hence, the case CPI PS C/No 52/2021 Dt. 22.06.2021 U 21(b) ND & PS Act was registered.