Joint team of Special Narcotics PS and 2nd Assam Rifles seized Methamphetamine.

#Collaboration always pay rich dividends in #WarOnDrugs. Another huge seizure of #Narcotics. Acting on an input, in the morning of 23.5.2023 around 10:45AM, #SpecialNarcoticsPS and #2ndAssamRifles conducted joint operation and seized 9.750 Kgs (100000 tablets) of Methamphetamine, valued about ₹19.5 Crores in international market, at Ṭhuampui Ch.Chhunga Bus Terminal, Aizawl from the possession of Zothanmawia (32) s/o F. Zaithanpuia of Zokhawthar, Champhai District. A case u/s 22(c) ND & PS Act registered at Special Narcotics PS for further investigation on forward/ backward linkages.

Thawhhona chuan rah duhawm a thlen thin. Ruihhlo tam tham tak man a ni leh ta. Thudawn bawhzuiin, ni 23.5.2023 dar 10:45AM vel khan #SpecialNarcoticsPS leh #2ndAssamRifles te chuan joint operation neiin, Methamphetamine, Kg 9.750 a rit (mum 100000), international market-a cheng vaibelchhe 19.5 vel man chu Zothanmawia (32) s/o F. Zaithanpuia, Zokhawthar, Champhai District nia inchhal kut atangin Ṭhuampui Ch.Chhunga Bus Terminal, Aizawlah an man. Special Narcotics PS-ah thubuai, 22(c) ND & PS Act hnuaiah ziahluh nghal niin chhuizui mek a ni.