Lawngtlai Police launched dedicated ‘Mobile Forensic Vehicle’ and ‘Forensic Team’

Reaching crime scenes promptly to identify and collect forensic evidences from crime scene, victims & from suspects is crucial for Scientific Investigation, leading to effective Prosecution.
However, it becomes difficult for forensic teams from Forensic Science Laboratory, Aizawl to attend crime scenes in the far flung nooks and corners of the state.
Hence, focusing on the dire need to have its own forensic team, Lawngtlai Police  launched dedicated ‘Mobile Forensic Vehicle’ and ‘Forensic Team’ for deployment to all crime scenes within Lawngtlai district on 23.5.2022.
Personnel of the dedicated forensic team, namely ASI Albert Lalramthianghlima, H/C F.Lalrokhuma and Const. David Lalrosangpuia were earlier sent and trained at FSL, Aizawl for developing and lifting of chance prints, taking of 10 digit fingerprint impression and collection, packing and sending of forensic evidences from the crime scene. These trained officers will further train their fellow personnel in the art and skills of fingerprint lifting and collection of physical evidences from the scene of crime.
Lawngtlai Police chuan Lawngtlai District Forensic Team din tharin ni 23.5.2022 khan an tlangzarh a, pawikhawihna hmun (crime scene)-a thleng zung zung thei turin Mobile Forensic Vehicle pawh an ruahman nghal a ni. He team members – ASI Albert Lalramthianghlima, H/C F.Lalrokuma leh Const. David Lalrosangpuia te chu Forensic Science Laboratory, Aizawlah training pek an ni tawh a, heng training chhuakte hian pawikhawihna hmuna kutze thla chungchang te, exam tur lak khawm dan leh forensic evidence kaihhnawih thil pawimawh te an thawhpuite an zirtir chhawng ve leh tura ruahman a ni.
Pawikhawihna hmun rang taka thlen theih hi forensic evidence atan a pawimawh em em a, chutihrualin Forensic Science Laboratory, Aizawl tan Mizoram chhunga pawikhawihna hmun apiang rang taka thlen zung zung a harsat ṭhin avangin hetianga Lawngtlai Police-in hma an la hi a lawmawmin hmasawnna pawimawh tak a ni.
Outstanding initiative, Team Lawngtlai Police. Worth replicable in all other districts.