Mamit Police seized dry Areca nuts from 2 vehicles at Zamuang Forest Checkgate.

Huge recoveries of #Arecanut again. Early morning of 13.3.2023, #MamitPolice on duty at Zamuang Forest Checkgate seized 30 bags (2400 Kgs) of dry Areca nuts from one vehicle (Bolero Pickup) driven by Lalremruata (24) of Bualpui, Kolasib district. The consignments were being transported from Vairengte. In another instance at around 5:40 AM, 85 bags (6800 Kgs) of dry arecanuts were seized at the Zamuang Forest Checkgate from one SML truck driven by Zammunsanga (31) of Champhai Dinthar. The areca nuts were being transported from Melbuk, Champhai and bound for Kanhmun. Further legal action is in progress. Well done. Keep it up.
Kuhva rah tam tham tak man a ni leh ta. Ni 13.3.2023 zing hma takah khan #MamitPolice, Zamuang Forest Checkgate-a duty te chuan kuhva ro, bag 30 (kg 2400 vel) chu lirthei pakhat (Bolero Pickup), Lalremruata (24), Bualpui, Kolasib district nia inchhal khalh atangin an man. Heng kuhva man te hi Vairengte atanga phurh a ni. Tukin vek dar 5:40 AM vel khan kuhva ro, bag 85 (kg 6800 vel) chu SML truck pakhat, Zammunsanga (31), Champhai Dinthar nia inchhal khalh atangin man a ni bawk. Melbuk, Champhai atanga phurh niin, Kanhmun panpui mek a ni. Dan anga hmalak zui mek zel a ni.